Aug 27, 2022
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Ivan Urgant in an online show managed to earn several million in three hours


Channel One star Ivan Urgant became the host of an online show about IT education on YouTube, during which he made an important statement.

The last issue of “Evening Urgant” aired on February 21. At the same time, information appeared that Ivan and his family moved to Israel. It was rumored: Urgant sells real estate in Moscow. The TV presenter himself said that he was on vacation.

After some time, Ivan Andreevich really returned to Russia, but not on the air of Channel One. The showman worked at private events and corporate parties. The day before, an online show about IT education was released on YouTube – Ivan was invited to host it. At first, it might seem that you are watching the Evening Urgant program – the TV presenter was sitting at the table with a laptop, and next to him were guests on the couch.

Ivan Urgant.  Video frame
Ivan Urgant. Video frame

Ivan Andreevich, as expected, dressed up in a suit and a white shirt. There was a large bracelet on his hand, which he jokingly tried to advertise – apparently to earn extra money in difficult times.

Urgant generally constantly joked, including “got” Ivan’s colleague on Channel One, Dmitry Nagiyev. Recall that Nagiyev from the new season will cease to be the host of the Voice project.

Here people write: ”I am 56 years old. I decided to change my profession because it is very outdated”. This is Dmitry from Moscow, who no longer has the strength to lead the ”Voice”“, Urgant said ironically.

But many drew attention to another phrase that Ivan said. According to him, he never forgot about his homeland. It is obvious that in this way the TV presenter decided once and for all to put an end to the conversations about his emigration.

Ivan Urgant.  Video frame
Ivan Urgant. Video frame

I never forgot about Russia! The man does not want to go anywhere, I know for myself“, Ivan said.

The program lasted three hours. According to KP, financially for Urgant it was an ordinary corporate party. So the presenter earned about 75 thousand euros or 4.5 million rubles.

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