Sep 17, 2022
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Ivan Urgant commented on the anthem scandal


Actor and presenter Ivan Urgant was crucified for not standing up to the Russian anthem.

Recently, netizens accused the showman of disrespect for state symbols. The TV presenter received a large portion of the hate in his address. Ivan called the information about the allegedly dismissive attitude towards the country a fake.

The day before, a message appeared in one of the Telegram channels stating that Ivan Urgant and Kristina Orbakaite were expelled from the Vakhtangov Theater. The reason allegedly was that the artists refused to stand up during the performance of the Russian anthem. The source clarified that before the premiere, the audience was offered to honor the memory of the servicemen who died in the Donbass during a special operation.

The media picked up the news. The author also painted in colors how the audience escorted the daughter of the Primadonna and the TV presenter out of the hall. By screaming and whistling at them, those present showed indignation at the disrespect shown.

Ivan Urgant - photo from the archive -
Ivan Urgant – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Today Urgant denied this information. He assures that there was no scandal in the cultural institution. Ivan clarified that he really spent his leisure time with Orbakaite. This month, they really attended different performances, but everything always went without incident. Moreover, that day the TV presenter was at home.

Despite the fact that Kristina Orbakaite and I, of course, go to theaters all September, but I didn’t go to the Vakhtangov Theater specifically. And I was not at the performance, I was at home that day. It’s amazing, I haven’t been to the theater, but everything that happens very much resembles a bad theater, and sometimes even a circus“, – commented the 44-year-old showman” “”.

Recall that in March there were rumors about the departure of Urgant from Russia. He later explained that he had gone on a two-week vacation. Soon the showman returned, but was left without work due to a change in the broadcasting grid of Channel One.

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