Aug 15, 2022
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Ivan Urgant announced his solo concert in Moscow


44-year-old TV presenter Ivan Urgant announced his solo concert, in which he will perform as a musician under the pseudonym Grisha Urgant.

Ivan Urgant, while his show on Channel One “Evening Urgant” is sent on vacation, is actively exploring new horizons of professional activity. A few days ago, he announced his participation in the commercial project “Evening Way to IT”.

A course for programmers has appeared on one of the educational platforms, in which a showman is announced as a speaker. The creators promise that in three hours, students will be able to master all the basic knowledge in IT. The name of the educational marathon directly refers to the TV presenter – “Evening” Way to IT “with Ivan Urgant.”

Ivan Urgant
Ivan Urgant

And now the TV presenter also announced his solo concert as a musician and songwriter under the pseudonym Grisha Urgant. Under this name, Ivan has been performing since 2011, but not actively. Now the presenter announced a solo concert in the Moscow club “Urban” on the offsite of Grisha Urgant. The performance is scheduled for October 14, tickets are quite divine – from 2 to 10 thousand rubles.

In addition, the creators of the Yolki-9 film almanac have not yet disclosed whether Urgant will play another major role there. For the first time in many years, he also did not host the main festival of graduates, Scarlet Sails. It turns out that while all the main projects are paused or canceled, the TV presenter has no choice but to learn new professions.

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