Aug 9, 2022
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Ivan Stebunov rejoices that he is no longer confused with Konstantin Khabensky


Actor Ivan Stebunov was often confused with Khabensky.

In the past, the artist was often compared with Konstantin Khabensky. Many believed that the artists are very similar in appearance. Today, Stebunov is glad that he is less and less confused with his colleague in the stellar department.

Perhaps earlier Stebunov looked like the young Khabensky, but over time the difference in the appearance of the actors is obvious. But Ivan is glad that he is not confused with Konstantin. “Thank God, no one compares for a long time“, he shared with the press.

Konstantin Khabaneskiy - photo from the archive -
Konstantin Khabensky – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

But there was a time when the stars played the same character in the Peter Leshchenko film project. “For about five years, the fact of similarity was really actively exaggerated. I even got immunity. And all because we had the same teachers at the theater academy. Konstantin graduated from the academy eight years before my admission. The famous brilliant issue: Trukhin, Porechenkov – a unique course, all stars. And we have one teacher for speech, for vocals, the same teacher for stage movement “.

By the way, there is no rivalry between Stebunov and Khabensky. Both treat each other with respect.

We are on friendly terms. And literally yesterday we met at Sovremennik (Ivan has been serving in this theater for many years – ed.), because Kostya is finishing his performances, which he transfers to the Moscow Art Theater. I’m talking about the wonderful performance “Do not leave the planet” by Exupery. Then we met again on the first floor, hugged. We had a lot to talk about. To exchange a few words, words of support… It was another great meeting“, – Ivan emphasized in an interview with WomanHit.

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