May 11, 2021
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Ivan Okhlobystin’s post about Stalin demanded a lot of disputes on the Web

Actor and director Ivan Okhlobystin demanded a lot of disputes with his publication about the head of the USSR, Joseph Stalin, on social networks.

Ivan Okhlobystin's post about Stalin demanded a lot of disputes on the Web

On my page in Instagram Ivan Okhlobystin published a photo of Stalin and gave a positive assessment of his personality and decisions. The actor noted that his father admired the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee for a century.

“My father found Stalin to be a great man. I am the unchanging son of my parent, and I think so too, ”Okhlobystin emphasized, adding that he“ doesn’t care what the others think ”

This post demanded a whole wave of discussion. The followers of the Interns’ star were divided into two camps: those who commented and immediately unsubscribed, and also noted that the Great Patriotic War was won under the leader.

Some supported Okhlobystin and added that after Stalin “a great country remained”,

Ivan’s subscribers remembered the repressions and thousands of those killed or exiled to hard labor. They offered to leave Okhlobystin with his eyes and said that they were refusing to follow his blog from a distance.

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