Oct 11, 2021
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Ivan Okhlobystin hinted at replenishment in the family


The star of “Interns”, 55-year-old actor Ivan Okhlobystin shared a photo of his wife and called her a grandmother.

It looks like Ivan Okhlobystin will soon become a grandfather. This is exactly the conclusion his fans came to because of his new post on his personal blog on Instagram. The actor posted a photo of his wife Oksana, who looks great at 48.

Oksana Okhlobystina
Oksana Okhlobystina

My lovely grandmother“, – signed the photo Okhlobystin.

Ivan loves his wife very much and quite often exhibits her portraits on social networks. And he always signs them very gently: “My love “,” Frosty angel“And – very often -“short“. And now, all of a sudden, the “grandmother”, although beautiful, but Oksana looks wonderful. And her 48 years old do not allow her to be considered elderly. So the fans decided that the matter was in a different status.

How is the grandmother? When? ”,“ Who was born? Grandson? “,” Congratulations on the replenishment! “,” Is it possible to congratulate already or is it too early? ““- Okhlobystin was immediately overwhelmed with comments.

Now it remains to find out who exactly made the future grandparents of the children happy. The public has two options: Anfisa and Evdokia.

Anfisa Okhlobystina with her husband
Anfisa Okhlobystina with her husband

The eldest daughter Okhlobystin got married in May this year. So far, she has not been seen in public with a belly, so if the baby appears exactly with her, then the period is most likely still short.

Evdokia celebrated her wedding less than a week ago and looked like a reed. That does not prevent her from theoretically being in the early stages of pregnancy.

We look forward to good news!“- Okhlobystin’s fans summed up their own reasoning. He himself has not yet commented on the suspicions of the public.

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