Sep 14, 2020
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Ivan Okhlobystin criticized the work of young comedians

08:49, 09/14/2020

The actor doesn't like modern humor.

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Ivan Okhlobystin does not like to watch TV. On rare occasions, he may include “What? Where? When?" or a travel program. The fact is that the actor does not like what is happening with television lately, especially when it comes to humor. He does not understand the creativity of modern comedians.

“My wife and I don't actually watch TV. We don't really like the humorous front lately. Due to the absence of social conflict, everything moved to the groin area. It's wonderful, funny, but not always the same. It's strange for me to watch people who build their careers on this. We don't watch humor, we don't laugh. The circus soldiers don't laugh, ”Okhlobystin said.

Ivan has just finished acting in the reality show "Gold of Gelendzhik", which is shown on TNT. The actor stressed that for the sake of such a program he would turn on the TV. He emphasized that the program does not try to scold people, does not "dig in dirty linen" in order to build an intrigue. Okhlobystin stressed that there is a minimum of aggression in the "Gold of Gelendzhik", but a lot of excitement, will to win and difficult trials.

Ivan Okhlobystin criticized the work of young comedians

It should be noted that in the new project the participants will fight for several kilograms of gold. Contestants will face different challenges. Ivan Okhlobystin acted as a host in the program, and Christina Asmus and Timur Rodriguez helped him in this. The actor stressed that this role is new for him. However, he recalled his bad experience when, together with Ksenia Sobchak, he led one of the music awards.

In a conversation with Moskvich, Okhlobystin admitted that he was uncomfortable at that moment, because this business was not his at all. However, in the new project, he felt differently, as it was something new. The actor admitted that he loves extreme sports. In addition, he was bribed in the program that participants can show and test themselves, and most importantly, win. According to him, the guys understand that the project is not so much about money as about an honest victory.

Ivan Okhlobystin became the new host of the show "Gold of Gelendzhik"

Recall that in recent months, Ivan Okhlobystin has been actively defending his friend Mikhail Efremov, who was sent to prison for eight years. He said that he was ready to fight for loved ones, even at the cost of his own reputation and personal humiliation. Ivan emphasized that he would have done everything the same way if something like this happened to one of his other friends. We add that Ivan Okhlobystin so wanted to save Mikhail Efremov that he even wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin in which he asked to pardon the actor. However, Okhlobystin was persecuted because of such an act, because people believed that Efremov should have suffered real punishment for the fatal accident, of which he became the culprit.

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