Feb 24, 2021
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Ivan Dorn and Alexander Gudkov starred for the cover of the men’s glossy edition

08:09, 02.24.2021

The singer and TV presenter portrayed fencers and wrestlers.

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February 15 on the channel “Friday!” the new season of “Heads and Tails” has started. The popular travel show turns ten this year. On this occasion, the producers of the project decided to temporarily update the composition of the presenters. One of the issues will be hosted by Ivan Dorn and Alexander Gudkov. They will have to go on a trip to Portugal, and there one of them will have to either survive on a modest amount of money, or show off, spending money from a gold credit card. Together, the 32-year-old singer and 38-year-old showman took part in a photo shoot for the glossy magazine GQ, getting on its March cover.

Dorn and Gudkov shared their impressions and videos from the shooting in their microblogs on Instagram last Tuesday. So, Ivan said that he and his colleague had to pretend to be fencers and endure the costs of being a photo model, because the special suit was not in size. “Kogda kostyumchik chut’-chut ‘velikovat”, – the musician signed a series of pictures from the backstage (the spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given without changes. – Noteed.). It is interesting that the stars had to not only enter the images of fencers, but also act as fighters, and for this series of pictures the new TV presenter of “Eagle and Tails” had to master several real tricks. “Not a single Sasha and not a single Vanya were injured during the filming,” reads the caption on one of the videos in the Stories section of Dorn’s Instagram microblog.

Ivan Dorn published a video and photo from the shooting for the cover of the gloss

Note that this is not the first time for both Dorn and Gudkov that they got on the cover. So, a few years ago Ivan also posed for GQ. Alexander graced the cover of the jubilee Esquire the year before last. Together, celebrities have never filmed for gloss, although both regularly participate in various photo shoots.

As for the television experience and, in particular, the experience of conducting large-scale projects, if for Alexander Gudkov this is a natural habitat, then for Ivan Dorn it is a novelty, although the artist acts in his videos, acts as a movie actor and even runs his own YouTube -channel. It is noteworthy that Ivan has already auditioned for the place of the host in Orel and Tails once, but to no avail. Now, according to the musician, he has managed to fulfill his dream. “On Reshka, I’m ready for anything, but I’m an extreme in life. I am glad to touch what I have always dreamed of participating in. Once I did not pass the casting for the host in “Heads and Tails”, and it turned into my dream. But, perhaps, if I had once passed this casting, now I would be an excellent television figure, not a musician, ”said Dorn.

Alexander Gudkov and Ivan Dorn became the hosts of one of the episodes of the show “Heads and Tails”

We add that last year the artistry and charisma of Ivan Dorn was appreciated by Kirill Serebrennikov, who shot the singer in his film “The Petrovs in the Flu”. The director praised the performer’s performance, predicting success in his film career. In the film adaptation of the novel Alexey Salnikov Dorn was given a difficult 18-minute episode. The scene, according to Serebrennikov, has everything: the funny, the tragic, and the paradoxical – therefore, the singer who mastered this difficult stage of work, according to the director, can be called a wonderful dramatic artist. Ivan himself also spoke about his work, noting that for the last five years he had not starred in any films and short films, except for his clips, solely because he had two unsuccessful experiences, after which he vowed to ever act in film. … Recall that the artist played in the comedy “12 Months” and the musical film “Funny Guys”.

Ivan Dorn in the painting “The Petrovs in the Flu”

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