Sep 12, 2021
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It’s time to save the children

Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy said that the guardianship authorities in their current form do not meet the needs of society, and the only option to remedy the situation is to completely dissolve them in order to create new ones. He made such a radical statement on Thursday during a working meeting of the Chairman of the Patriarchal Commission on Family Issues, Protection of Motherhood and Childhood with State Duma deputies.

“It is impossible to reform the guardianship bodies in their current form, they can only be dissolved and another guardianship created. Guardianship, which really would correspond to the meaning of this word, protection of the interests of the family by the state. We will deal with this systematically, calmly, without haste, ”Tolstoy emphasized. He believes that the guardianship authorities are now “a bureaucratic machine with an absolutely juvenile ideology, borrowed in the 90s as a Western cargo cult.”

“Today, the functionality of the guardianship service absolutely does not meet the needs of society. On the contrary, all their efforts, these former teachers, former law enforcement officers in small towns and villages, are aimed at fulfilling some kind of plan to remove children from the family. Why do we need such organs? ”Tolstoy said.

He stressed that guardianship officials receive government funds “for computers and new furniture in their offices, depending on how many children they take away from their families.” The deputy is sure that there is no need for the functioning of a body that cannot be reformed.

“I am sure that we will be able to stop this chaos, when the state, represented by the guardianship authorities, interferes in the affairs of the family, when children are removed from families, when human destinies are crumbling in favor of imaginary indicators and figures in their reports,” Tolstoy emphasized.

Such an alarming statement by the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma is not accidental. Guardianship authorities in Russia have long been subjected to the harshest criticism. “In Russia, recently, officers of the guardianship and guardianship agencies began to come into the field of view of investigators,” writes, for example, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. – They are increasingly being held accountable, including criminal charges. The reasons are different: on the one hand, they do not take timely measures, and babies are in mortal danger in foster families, and on the other hand, on the other hand, they overly control their parents and confiscate children with police and scandals. “

Here is just one such monstrous incident that occurred in the village of Tulip in the Orenburg region, when the specialists of the guardianship authority, together with the police, took away four children from a mother with many children, which the newspaper told about.

He became widely known only because he got on the video. There, the guards even put handcuffs on the woman who defended her babies, and then they were fined for disobeying a police officer. turned out to be a roof. Therefore, the head of the Dombarovskiy district, where she lives, did not think of anything better than to issue a resolution and take the children away. The officials zealously carried out the task. The regional police, making excuses, explained: the family was under the control of social services as dysfunctional. However, the neighbors in the village do not think so: an ordinary large family …

“We must proceed from the fact that the family lives in its own value norms. Well, she doesn’t have a pile of furniture, washing machines, and televisions of the latest brands. This should not be an indication for someone to break into the house and determine social well-being by eye, – commented on the incident, the well-known children’s human rights activist Alexander Gezalov. – I am sure that the guardianship authorities need to be restructured. To take away their monopoly and exclusivity in working with the family … There is an opinion that only people from asocial families get to the orphanage. Far from it. 10-15 percent are really marginal elements, all the rest are due to a state misunderstanding, ”says the human rights activist.

Those who make decisions on seizure must understand that tough actions will be punished, Gezalov said. – Because we actually have no one to punish when such incidents happen.

It is necessary to revise the legislation in the field of family support and reform the guardianship authorities, in which, in addition to exemption, there will be legal and social support for families. So that the guardianship does not have the exclusive right to create what they are doing now. It is also very important to give part of the work and services to public organizations. There should be joint work, and not the exclusive right to confiscate children in a closed structure.

“The work of these departments has complaints in all regions, somewhere it just turned into human trafficking,” said State Duma deputy Sergei Vostretsov. – It is almost impossible to adopt a healthy child for free today. And at the same time, guardianship manages to ignore the really scary situations when children are in danger. There are many questions to the financial side. It is not clear why relatives usually try to impose gratuitous options for custody of children who have lost their parents. For example, a retired grandmother, a native person, but she may simply have nothing to raise her grandson with. What will she feed him for? ”- the deputy is indignant.

“The guardianship authorities have turned into an autonomous structure that has been removed from the control of the state,” the Tsargrad agency points out in this regard. – The system of prevention of neglect and delinquency of minors is more like a mutual guarantee of people united by common commercial interests. The fate of orphans, children and families in difficult life situations does not interest them at all. “

Anna Kuznetsova, Commissioner for Children’s Rights under the President of the Russian Federation, is already sounding the alarm. She also believes that there is an urgent need to reform the guardianship and guardianship authorities in Russia. In her opinion, recent incidents in Russian families have shown that the current guardianship system is ineffective.

“Recently, there has been a whole cascade of emergencies associated with the actions or inaction of the bodies of the prevention system. Our monitoring, visits to the regions, prosecutorial inspections, the work of investigative bodies reveal multiple systemic failures in the activities of the guardianship and guardianship authorities, which entailed gross violations of children’s rights, including grave and irreversible consequences, ”the Ombudsman noted in her blog.

The first thing that needs to be done, she believes, is to develop a reform concept with the participation of experts, public organizations, the parent community, relevant ministries and departments – everyone who works today to protect the family and family values ​​- in order to build on this basis clear step-by-step steps to change such a key family tool.

According to her, the reform presupposes building “a clear and understandable vertical of management, revising the priority of the structure’s tasks, protecting the family, its integrity should be the main and main task.” Kuznetsova has already turned to President Vladimir Putin. “We propose,” she said, “not to limit ourselves to targeted measures or some measures of a fragmentary nature. We propose reforming the system of guardianship and guardianship bodies, ”she said.

Valentina Matvienko, the head of the Federation Council, has already criticized the guardianship system: “Thanks to the prevailing impression among citizens, guardianship services are perceived as soulless, almost repressive structures, incompetent, unreasonably removing children from families,” she said.

But all these statements by high-ranking officials of the state were made … last year, and apparently, nothing has changed for the better yet. There is talk of reform, and children and families continue to suffer. In this regard, the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma, Tolstoy, made such a radical statement today – to abolish these incapacitated bodies altogether, as the rotten legacy of the 90s, and instead create a new, effective system of caring for children and families. A system based not on an ugly copy of the “Western values”, but in line with the national traditions and values ​​of Russia.

Andrey Sokolov

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