Nov 19, 2022
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It’s time to dispossess

It's time to dispossess

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Officials decided to play populism – the authorities started talking about the possible confiscation of the assets of Russian “oligarchs” who left the Russian Federation or renounced the citizenship of our country. In general, everything, of course, sounds very correct, but it is unlikely that you will implement such a thing. Basically. Because the “mutual responsibility” works.

“Against the background of actions taken by unfriendly countries to identify the assets (including property) of Russian billionaires in the territories of these states, arrests of such assets (freezing), we believe that it is necessary to consider the application of similar measures in relation to such persons who left the Russian Federation from February 24, and even more so to those persons who have renounced Russian citizenship, ”says the letter written by the head of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy Andrey Kutepov.

For some reason, he sent his epistol to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Grigorenko. What is strange, he does not solve such cases. This, in general, is under the jurisdiction of the head of state. Most likely, they decided not to disturb the president, since the project is stillborn. Although he caused an immediate reaction from the billionaire lobbyists.

“This method is counterproductive. Some businessmen left, some of their own free will, and some just to try to resolve issues and return. They have quite successful enterprises here in the financial sector and not only. A large number of our people are employed there. Property rights have not moved anywhere, they work effectively. I know such enterprises, including in our financial market, without which it will be difficult for hired workers.

I think that this decision is absolutely illogical. We should probably look at the behavior of people, how they speak abroad, how they behave, whether they have crossed certain red lines in the political sense. But this may be the work of the Federation Council, the Duma, or some other bodies. As for the economic fabric, to take and cut out those who left from there, and it is absolutely incomprehensible for what reasons – this is a blow to our own economy and the employment of our own people, ”a member of the board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) soared Igor Yurgens.

Employment issues will not be affected, there is no point in stopping nationalized enterprises. But to watch the behavior of people, yes, it is necessary. He enriched himself in Russia, and then renounced our citizenship – it is definitely worth taking action. And not only on the territory of the Russian Federation.

A box of Sudoplatovskie sweets (real confectionery!) will sober up many, everyone will want to agree together. It’s possible. In the style of the “period of primitive accumulation of capital” so beloved by the capitalists, it’s a trick or a treat.

True, not all behavior deserves such kindness. For example, Roman Abramovich Westernizers returned the capital withdrawn from Russia. There are no more sanctions against him. By the way, this happened immediately after the shameful surrender of Kherson. And, what is most curious, the Kremlin does not refute this information. Nobody denies…

On the whole, the position of the RSPP is understandable. This spring, billionaires de jure left its leadership, but de facto remained there.

“The peculiarity of this initiative is that it is both very plausible and not very realistic. In some ways it’s just hype, in some ways it’s reaction testing. So far, this is rather an attempt to show that the authorities notice, the authorities are not idle, the authorities are dissatisfied with what is happening and can go somewhere far in their response. But so far, it still looks more like a demonstration than a formalization of the decision. Moreover, the authorities themselves risk losing control over their own activity, ”says the president of the Petersburg Politics Foundation. Mikhail Vinogradov.

That is, stuffing information that has nothing to do with reality. I think agreed with the RSPP. For what purpose? With a simple one – to calm the people, to show what the authorities think of them. Takes care. And justice will prevail. Soon, soon, really.

And then the people of this went some wrong thoughts. According to the latest poll of the Public Opinion Foundation, 38% of respondents believe that budget money is being spent incorrectly. 31% think it’s right, another 31% don’t think anything – they kind of couldn’t answer the question…

“The oligarchs determine the economic policy of Russia. Moreover, the oligarchs are by no means just big business. These are businessmen who get a critical part of their profits – which they cannot refuse – from influence on the state. These are not entrepreneurs. Who is an entrepreneur: there is a need in society, I satisfy it, society pays me money for this. The oligarchs act differently: I influence the state, distort its policy, and receive money through my influence on the state. An oligarch is always bad, ”explains the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy Mikhail Delyagin.

Actually, that’s how it is. Fuels and lubricants, building materials, foodstuffs, metals etc. in our richest country should cost many times cheaper. Or dozens of times. For example, in Iran – from which the Russian Federation is now, by the way, buying weapons – retail gasoline costs 3 rubles 28 kopecks in terms of our banknotes. Diesel fuel is even cheaper – 65 kopecks per liter! Therefore, it is not surprising that the country is developing at a fantastic pace.

In the capital region, prices for fuel and lubricants are still kept, but as soon as you drive a little further away, complete chaos begins.

“In the Magadan region, a liter of diesel fuel costs 84.5 rubles, in Magadan itself it costs 71 rubles. There is a shortage of diesel fuel in the region: a tanker has arrived, not yet full, and all the fuel has already been snapped up. The roads are not cleaned, at gas stations they introduced a fuel limit of 200 liters per person, in the restricted area – 50 liters per person, ”says Konstantin from Magadan …

68 out of 100 moneybags from the first hundred Russian oligarchs live abroad, 40 have citizenship of other countries. People are aware. Combined with the aforementioned “everyday problems”, namely with the wild rise in prices for all goods and services, an explosive mixture is obtained that can explode at any moment …

Will Andrey Kutepov’s populism help? Hardly. Real cases – this very confiscation – could help, the people would believe. But this is not science fiction. Indeed, in the event that someone at the top tries to do something similar, a terrible stream of compromising evidence will pour out on the officials, which will bury them.

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