Feb 16, 2021
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It’s time to collect talent bit by bit across the Russian land

A timid attempt by the Ministry of Culture to deprive the “cultural elite” of state funding has caused a real storm. “Brilliant directors” rushed to write manifestos, “directors” to demand payment for their mediocrity, bloggers and gender-neutral devils from various offices and publications together showed “high intelligence”, and the director of the moronic “Holiday” handed the statuette to Navalny. The only thing that was not in this slurry was Russian culture, and it could not have been, since all works with the adjective “Russian” are instantly removed from the stage, as happened with the film “Opolchenochka” or the children’s ensemble in Troitsk.

As we expected, the unanimous performance of the most advanced part of the “cultural elite” behind Navalny made someone in the Kremlin move. The Moscow authorities were given the command to close the budget feeder for homogenizing Serebrennikov, and the Ministry of Culture banned Sasha Bortich from filming in films with state funding, and also unequivocally hinted at the possible exclusion of the Side by Side perverted festival from the relevant register. And here, in contrast to the street and Navalny, who, after his bestial behavior towards the veteran, is supported mainly by anarcho-feminists such as Sobchak, which in itself looks like a sentence to any politician, the same thing happened as happens when in village restroom throw yeast. There has not been such a flow of this brown substance, beloved by Bogomolov (of an informational plan, of course) since the attempt to separate the budget and Raikin Jr.

The first to come to the fore was a group of “great geniuses”, led by Renata Litvinova, who declared that “the state is obliged to give money for films, but has no right to dictate what to shoot.” According to Litvinova, “an artist must be free.” Only here it was not about the artist and freedom was being discussed. And not even about loyalty or opposition, like the “Russian musicians” living abroad who spoke for Navalny and “the end of terrible repressions”. Here Litvinova just had to very urgently justify the total failure of her propaganda feminist “master” “North Wind”, filmed with the participation of the state TV channel, that is, not without a taxpayer penny. Despite the fact that the premiere was attended by the entire “elite” – Kirill Serebrennikov, Alexey Uchitel, Avdotya Smirnova, Konstantin Bogomolov with his wife, host Ksenia Sobchak, actresses Chulpan Khamatova, Anna Mikhalkova, actor Pavel Tabakov, producer Alexander Rodnyansky, CEO of Channel One Ernst, TV presenter Vladimir Pozner, and the film itself was shot by such film grandees as Sony and Columbia Pictures, in the first weekend of the box office he took the “honorable” tenth line out of ten, collecting a “phenomenal” amount of 17 million 462 thousand. 313 rubles. For understanding, the film about firefighters released a little earlier “Fire” grossed 78 million or 6 times more at the box office. This is not to mention the silly comedy about “The Last Hero”.

And here, after the failure of the “wind” and the deprivation of state money from a friend – Serebrennikov, Bogomolov came out onto the stage. To the majority of the population of Russia, this figure is known exclusively as the husband of Sobchak, with whom he sneered at the Church at the request of Ernst. Also about Bogomolov, we can say that in 2019 he received half a billion rubles from the Moscow City Hall. And now I have issued my “manifesto” in Novaya Gazeta, declaring, albeit rather primitive, a return to “scrapie” and introducing the concept of “ethical fascism” in Europe. If the author of this work had not been named Bogomolov, the idea might have worked … But in such a quick change of shoes of her husband Sobchak, who recently proudly bore the nickname “shitty”, is somehow hard to believe.

Yesterday, the same Bogomolov staged performances with scenes of oral sex and eating feces, and also boasted of the film “Nastya”, about how wild Russians ate a 16-year-old girl on her birthday – it’s like Hitler, knowingly talking about the horrors of Nazism … But he added his spoonful of yeast to our cultural toilet, and after his provocation, the stupidest answer that can be imagined appeared. The text of the letter is very simple – “Ok, boomer”, which has already been signed by as many as 1152 journalists, bloggers, feminists, silibs, queer socialists, gender-neutral devils, along with researchers of the world of jokes, buggers and other “buzzers”. This is no joke – here are the latest signers of feminists of both genders.

Here, only the lazy did not remember Ilf and Petrov: “The dictionary of William Shakespeare, according to researchers, is 12,000 words. The dictionary of a Negro from the Mumbo-Yumbo cannibalistic tribe is 300 words. Ellochka Shchukina easily and freely managed thirty.” And we have these “Elochek-cannibals”, which all at work and as one “gender-neutral devils” had accumulated 1152. It seemed that this was the bottom, but then the owner of “Dvach” appeared and said that these degenerates had forged his signature. That is, not only did the shit-genius start issuing patriotic manifestos for half a billion in our country, and the “cultural elite of the country” could not connect three words in response, so they – “champions of justice” were also caught for forging signatures.

For the full bottom, the only thing that was missing was the appearance of the director of the bastard parody of the Siege of Leningrad “Holiday” Alexei Krasovsky, who solemnly presented the national cinematographic award “Nika” he received to the bulk of the bulk, blessing them “to fight” about the Great Patriotic War he appreciated.

And all this would be funny if it weren’t so sad. While all this slurry seethed, spat and supported each other, the “get-together” continued to spread rot on those few who tried to show something other than “Bogomolov-patriot”. For example, owned by the same Channel One, which supported Litvinova in her “feminist anthem,” the All-Russian TV channel Dom Kino refused to show the film “Opolchenochka”, which tells about the war in Donbass. This was announced by journalist Sergei Veselovsky in his telegram channel, referring to the actress Natalia Koloskova, who played one of the main roles in the film. “[…] I just wrote that Dom Kino had refused them the premiere and asked if I had acquaintances in Moscow who could help me find a cinema. Guys, I have no censorship words, and Roskomnadzor prohibits swearing, ”the publication says. Sergei Veselovsky was outraged by the fact that in Russia “films about the great feat of Russian people fighting for the Motherland are prohibited”, and considered it natural that now “children, like zombies, follow Navalny.” If someone decided that at least one of our “champions of freedom” from all sides raised a hubbub because of “censorship”, then no – they tried as much as possible not to notice the “ideologically harmful” film, unlike “Holiday” … There was no reaction from the Ministry of Culture – how can one offend “dear partners”, a third of the actors go to Kiev to perform in front of Bandera, and we will not show “Opolchenochka”. Better about prostitutes and flies, but conscientious Germans and “Russian fanatics” in the Great Patriotic War. And we need patriots, so we get Bogomolov out of the hearse, give money and you will be a patriot. Shitty truth, his wife with a flashlight drowned yesterday for “Bosch’s hell”, but there are no other “patriots” for half a billion for us.

And this is not an exception, but cultural policy. “In the city of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region, the children’s choir was silently excluded from the program on February 23 at the local house of culture for the fact that they decided to sing the song” We are Russians, God is with us. “” Everyone liked this idea, they even offered to make the number closing us choir – 40 children on stage. We were preparing, the parents were looking for a uniform. But by chance I found out that we were removed from the concert. I asked if they had set a date for the event, and they answered me: that’s how you were removed. This is very strange, since there can be no complaints about the quality of our work, we are prize-winners of Russian and international competitions. When asked what the reason was, I was told that it was because of the words in the song “We are Russians, God is with us,” they say, we don’t need such words now, ”said the head of the Rossa children’s ensemble, Nadezhda Skryabina.

The city administration said they knew nothing about it. Either they lie, or it was the initiative of the House of Culture itself. In any case, this is an extreme disrespect for our people. How can a modern marching song performed at parades offend someone in Troitsk? At first, Russians were no longer mentioned in large publications, now it is forbidden to sing songs about Russians in provincial houses of culture. You can not do it this way. Our rights must be protected, “said the legendary military commander Yuri Kitonok, who recently left from being wounded in Nagorno-Karabakh.

And here the Kitten is not right from the word at all. Who to defend against? From “people’s artists” who are busy trying to snatch loans to the population, fighting for a place in the sun with convicts from the “Sberbank security service”? From “shit patriot Bogomolov” for half a billion? From a thousand Elochek-cannibals from “Ok, Boomer”, who will not even be able to understand the claims to them, because “mnogabukoff”? From a geek doing PR on the mountain of the Leningrad blockade? From the “ideologically correct” mediocrity of Litvinova? Or from those who have grown all this in 30 years and are now covering? There is no one to fight with, for they are a seething slime. Gender-neutral devils from the world of queer socialism.

The only option is to close this booth from the word completely. Remove everyone from the state pleasure, starting with the Ministry of Culture and the General Director of Channel One and ending with bloggers who receive a grant, and then start collecting talents bit by bit across Russian land, like that children’s ensemble. Yes, only now I believe in this much less than in the arrival of the Martians, and therefore talk about “cultural policy” and why our young people believe “Tik-Tokam” does not make sense. After “Ok, boomer” from the “cultural elite”, “Tik-Tok” looks like a beacon of thought. However, what are we all about “cultural” and “cultural” – as if the youth is better here?

Ruslan Lyapin

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