Sep 4, 2021
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“It’s time to act ruthlessly”: Japan was upset because of Lavrov’s words about the Kuriles

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Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun called on Tokyo to change tactics in relations with Moscow

Despite Moscow’s numerous statements that the issue of the ownership of the Kuril Islands is not being discussed, Japan still hopes that this issue can be miraculously resolved. So, the Japanese called on Tokyo to start acting differently after the words of Sergei Lavrov with regards to the Kuriles.

We will remind, earlier the head of the foreign policy department of the Russian Federation announced that Russia will provide benefits to foreign partners in economic activity in the Kuril Islands. Lavrov did not like Japan’s ideas for working on the islands, since they contradict the Russian Constitution. The Japanese portal Yahoo News Japan wrote about this, RIA Novosti reports.

Readers of the news came to the conclusion that it is time for the Tokyo authorities to change their tactics in relations with Moscow. One part of the Japanese drew attention to the fact that Russia is not going to give the Kuril Islands to Japan, so all attempts to please her are in vain. Therefore, Japanese Internet users believe that Tokyo’s diplomacy should proceed from this postulate.

Some people advised the authorities to forget about the “northern territories”, silently closing this issue. The Japanese warned the authorities that cooperation with Moscow benefits only the Russian Federation, which is already technologically advanced. Many have accused former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of being responsible for the current situation.

However, another part of the Japanese does not want to put up with the opinion of Russia. Internet users called on Tokyo to “start acting ruthlessly”, introduce restrictions, and some even allowed the outbreak of a war for the Kuril Islands.

Earlier, the expert said that the statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Kuril Islands was a shock for Japan.

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