Apr 29, 2021
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It’s time for Turkey to make a choice: the political scientist announced the end "honeymoon" in relations with Russia

Political scientist Erdar Salam came to the conclusion that Ankara should now understand for itself in which geopolitical vector to develop further. According to him, the wonderful period of the honeymoon with Russia is over.

Turkey must now decide with whom to cooperate further. According to expert Erdar Salam, Ankara will finally have to make a choice – it is with Moscow or Beijing.

At the moment, the “honeymoon” in relations with Russia is over. However, the political scientist believes, possible alliances for Ankara will be less beneficial than relations with the West.

According to Salam, Turkey has “important trump cards” for developing ties with the United States and Europe, Cumhuriyet reports.

However, the latest statements on the recognition of the Armenian genocide by the United States have brought some tension. However, Recep Erdogan’s reaction to Biden’s apparent populism was still relatively mild.

Let’s remind that earlier the American leader Joe Biden officially recognized the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire. To this, Ankara said that they reject such formulations.

At the same time, the Turks also admitted that they could suspend the Turkish-American agreement on cooperation in the field of defense and economy.

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