Jan 11, 2022
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It’s time for Donbass beyond Crimea, to “home harbor”


Photo: Valentin Sprinchak / TASS

The State Duma of the Russian Federation has prepared a draft resolution on the recognition of the independence of the Lugansk and Donetsk republics of Donbass. The corresponding initiative was put forward by the deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, who in the near future intend to submit the document for consideration by the lower house of parliament.

The Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs and Relations with Compatriots, the secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Kazbek Taysaev

The document, he said, was developed taking into account the experience of the recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

The parliamentarian admits that “there is no alternative to the Minsk agreements.” But the problem he sees is that the “fascist authorities in Kiev” are doing everything not to fulfill them.

“They are deliberately delaying, they need these sacrifices, they need this war, because this is an order from overseas. Everyone understands this very well, ”explained Taisayev.

He recalled that at this time “our citizens, our people, our compatriots are dying there.” And with this, in his words, “we will never be able to come to terms and we will definitely solve this problem.”

The issue of recognizing the republics of Donbass has already been repeatedly raised in the State Duma. The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation also emphasized this problem more than once. Gennady Zyuganov… In particular, he said that the leadership of the Russian Federation should recognize the Donetsk and Lugansk republics and officially declare that they would protect their compatriots in Donbass by all means, including the military.

I must say that in this regard, the communists are supported even by political opponents from other factions.

United Russia Victor VodolatskyFor example, I am sure that Russia will never abandon Donbass, where about 700 thousand Russian citizens live today. And he is for the recognition of the republics by Moscow, if such a step will help stop the shelling from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

However, until now everything has been limited exclusively to conversations. And only now we are talking about a specific document that has been prepared and should be put to a vote.

But is there a chance that it will be adopted?

– I don’t know the full alignment of forces in the State Duma, so it’s hard to say for sure, – comments on the situation expert on domestic and foreign policy of Ukraine, publicist Igor Druz… – But the initiative itself seems to me sound, so whoever it comes from, I approve of it. This is a necessary step that will save a huge number of lives.

Today, unfortunately, the republics of Donbass are in limbo. Who they belong to is not clear. Most residents already have Russian citizenship. Nevertheless, people do not yet have a clear understanding of their future. This is a big problem.

Moreover, the Ukrainian puppet regime, established as a result of the coup, in fact, is not legitimate. But it is murderous (in the most literal sense) for the residents of Donbass, because he simply physically destroys them.

This is an obvious fact. As well as the fact that since 2014 the Ukrainian army has killed more than two hundred children in Donbas, more than five hundred have been injured or wounded. And if Russia took the people’s republics under its wing, then this nightmare “performance” would stop.

“SP”: – The fact is that the document is about the recognition of independence, and not about the inclusion of the LPR and DPR in Russia …

– In this case, it will still be a step towards making them part of Russia over time. This means that even the recognition of their independence is already helping to resolve the Donbass issue. Helps that there is no more endless shelling and all this lingering nightmare.

Moreover, this was the situation with the Crimea. After all, at first they recognized independence from Ukraine, and then they held a referendum, and, according to the will of the inhabitants, became part of Russia. More precisely, they returned to Russia.

Therefore, if the same scheme is applied here in Donbass, then I, as a person who knows the situation, fully approve and welcome it.

“SP”: – The question is, what to do with the Minsk Agreements, after all, it was we who once initiated them?

– Ukraine itself violated the Minsk agreements. Moreover, countless times. It systematically shells the Donbass republics, oppresses them economically, humiliates the people living there – that is, he admits a lot of evil, which is contrary to peace initiatives.

Given this behavior of Kiev, it is high time for Russia to leave the Minsk format. And, finally, to part with the illusion that the Ukrainian leadership will do something. I say this as a person who constantly keeps his finger on the pulse and knows what terrible things this regime does.

Ukraine continues shelling, continues to seize territories, with subsequent sweeps – the citizens of Russia are already humiliated, tortured, and imprisoned. And, of course, it is high time to stop all this disgrace. Therefore, I approve of any projects to recognize first the independence of Donbass, and then its entry into Russia.

It will be right. And good, both for the residents of Donbass and for Russia itself. Because if Russia abandons its own people, then this, in the end, will also backfire on it.

Associate Professor, Department of International Security, Faculty of World Politics, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov, Doctor of Political Sciences Alexey Fenenko, in turn, believes that you should always have several fallback options, just in case:

– Yes, today Russia does not officially recognize the Republic of Donbass. But a certain groundwork in this regard is already being created. A certain fallback option is already being worked out for the possibility of their recognition. This is very important on the eve of the beginning negotiations with NATO. Because this is a kind of signal to the alliance countries that Russia also has a so-called “plan B” in case the negotiations fail and ensure its security.

And if the “Normandy format” finally collapses, then the question will arise about something else – about what will replace it, that’s all …

“SP”: – And what could it be?

– It can be, for example, a war, a new regional one, as a result of which a completely new negotiation system will be created. Because it is already becoming clear that the “Normandy format” does not work.

Kiev has not fulfilled the Minsk agreements for eight years and openly declares that it does not accept them. And our partners, the same France, which is the guarantor of compliance with the agreements, in fact, distanced itself from their responsibilities. Germany, for its part, is also not sure whether to involve the United States or not.

In fact, we no longer see the “Normandy format” as such. Therefore, naturally, the question arises: in case of its failure, what to do next – either it is a peaceful referendum under the guarantees of Russia, or, indeed, a new armed conflict.

“SP”: – How, in this case, should we consider the negotiations that the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak held recently in Arkhangelsk near Moscow with the political advisers of the Chancellor of the FRG and the President of France? The parties seem to have agreed to continue the dialogue and agreed on the need to fully implement the Minsk agreements

– It should be considered as our wish for the future. As some preferences for the still lingering hopes of a part of our elite for the president Zelensky

For some reason, we have the impression that aggressive Ukrainian nationalists are one thing, while President Zelensky is quite another. And he wants to pursue some kind of moderate policy.

But in reality, in what have we at least once seen Zelensky’s moderation? By and large, nothing. Except for some of his election promises, which have long been forgotten there.

Again, Western countries are completely uninterested in who promised what to whom. When necessary, Americans and Western Europeans instantly renounce their obligations and do not torment them with remorse.

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