Jun 30, 2020
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“It’s stupid and weird”: Bill Gates rejected his involvement in plans to chip humanity


Bill Gates

Around the coronavirus pandemic, many conspiracy theories have emerged. One of the most talked about topics was the assumption that Bill Gates is behind a dangerous disease! Proponents of this theory are confident that the entrepreneur has plans to seize control of all of humanity and uses vaccination as an opportunity to introduce digital chips to people.

Bill GatesBill Gates

That is why on the network you can often find messages in which people flatly refuse to be vaccinated against coronavirus, even when the vaccine appears. This point of view is shared by some celebrities. Marat Safin, for example, in a recent interview said that "people are preparing for chipization."

And now, Bill Gates himself decided to speak out, who had not reacted to accusations and protests before. The creator of Microsoft voiced his position in a conversation with reporters of Business Insider.

I have never done things like microchips. It’s very difficult to deny these theories, because it’s very stupid or strange,

Gates said.

Recall that the entrepreneur several years ago drew attention to the fact that global pandemics could become a new threat to all humanity, and urged world leaders to pay attention to this problem. So, his speech at TED Talk in 2015 was famous, where he warned about the potentially staggering number of deaths as a result of the global pandemic. It is this speech that is ultimately used by Gates' opponents, considering it evidence that he knew in advance that coronavirus would be such a challenge to humanity.

Bill Gates

The Bill Gates Foundation and his wife and Melinda have allocated $ 100 million to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) to accelerate the widespread availability of the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine after its development, especially in poor countries.

Melinda and Bill GatesMelinda and Bill Gates

All countries of the world must work together to create safe and effective vaccines and to ensure expansion of production so that we can deliver them to those who need them most, and not those who can pay the most,

- said Gates.

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