Oct 16, 2020
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“It’s not my fault that I’m an alcoholic”: Dmitry Khrustalev admitted that he suffered from alcohol addiction for many years

The showman said that he had been struggling with drunkenness for more than one year and almost ruined his career. After all, it happened that he led corporate parties being tipsy.

"It's not my fault that I'm an alcoholic. It's my problem! Alcohol does to my body what I don't want him to do to it. And the most important thing is to accept that you are an alcoholic. Only then I realized that I could not do this live. It interferes with personal life, work, reputation, communication, "- said Dmitry.


In addition, due to alcohol addiction, Khrustalev could not establish his personal life, since "no one wants to live with an alcoholic." Now the artist does not drink alcohol at all, trying to occupy himself with useful things and work.

"I try to know the world and myself in a sober, real state. I do yoga, I swim, I enter kinesiology, I learn to play the bass guitar. I found confirmation that this is bad for the body, and that it interferes with my life. Being sober is much more interesting for me! " - said Khrustalev.


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