Sep 8, 2021
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It’s not just Russia: Pushkov explained to Zelensky "bad signal" from NATO

Senator Oleksiy Pushkov explained to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy “a small but bad signal” from NATO. According to the senator, Ukraine is not invited to the alliance not only because of Russia.

Earlier, former US Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst said that in the next ten years Ukraine will not be able to join NATO. According to him, the main reason is the contradiction between the members of the alliance – “in fact, they are afraid to provoke irritation from Russia,” he said.

According to Alexei Pushkov, it is not only a matter of fear of spoiling relations with Russia and entering into conflict with it. He noted that the members of the organization do not want to accept Ukraine, because “they do not see this impoverished and chaotic country in NATO.” According to him, they understand that, having seized upon membership in NATO, Ukraine will begin to suck money out of everyone even more and try to push its foreheads against Russia.

“Herbst’s confession is another small but bad signal for Zelensky,” Pushkov explained on his Telegram channel.

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