Sep 4, 2021
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It’s not about Ukraine: the political scientist named the main reason for Zelensky’s trip to the USA

Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) expert Alexander Gushchin named the main reason for the trip of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the United States. And it’s not about trying to solve Ukrainian problems, fix energy issues, or negotiate “protection” from Russia.

According to the expert, the main goal of Zelensky was electoral strengthening. The meeting with American President Joe Biden in political technology is a matter of external legitimization. Even temporary, but Zelensky needed it, the political scientist said in an interview with Lenta Ru. Simply put, by a trip to Washington, Zelenskiy tried to achieve an increase in his rating in Ukraine and enlist Biden’s support in the 2024 elections.

Gushchin noted that Zelensky is a “power-hungry man” by his type, and having tasted with his team “the charm of control over financial flows”, of course, he will not leave his presidency so easily and will fight for it.

Speaking about whether Zelensky achieved his goal in the United States, the political scientist noted that “the White House gave him a probationary period.”

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