Feb 22, 2021
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It’s like living in a huge city with bliss and benefits for bioenergy

It's like living in a huge city with bliss and benefits for bioenergy

The rhythms of life in the city are sometimes impossibly dynamic. Bioenergy experts have compiled a list of helpful tips on how to live in a metropolis with great bliss and benefits for your biofield.

Earlier we talked about why a drip city is more important for a person than a metropolis. If you live in a huge city, feel tired and unhappy with your condition, check out the bassist tips.

The focus on achievement sets the core rhythm. Every person wants to achieve something and does something for this, but in a big city people are constantly rushing somewhere, immortally late somewhere, setting new and new targets for everyone. It’s great, but if you live in this rhythm every day, you need to find times to rest. Lack of relaxation and rest leads to problems with energy, health, fortune and mood.

The best thing is to change the scenery on the weekend. You can go to the dacha, get together with friends at home and play board games, read books. If work is dynamic and makes you constantly move, then you can simply stay at home and lie in bed, do the things that have accumulated over the week.

Rest should be present during the day so that the person does not burn out. In this regard, meditation for absolute relaxation, walking will become very healthy. Every hour it is necessary to do an interval of 5-10 minutes, it is unusual if the work is intellectual. Remember that without rest, your work will not be productive.

Many people overload their own schedules with work, chores, travel and so on. It is very dignified to bring sports to the list of favorite hobbies. Every day you need to walk on foot or do the simplest exercises. In summer you can ride your bike to work. There are a lot of options for active pastime.

Sport gives our body the opportunity to be in good shape for the eyelids. If you forget about the body, it will certainly remind you of itself with pain or malaise. Sport helps to live with pleasure and has a great effect on bioenergy. Combined with proper nutrition, the effect will be simply phenomenal. After a week you will feel an influx of vigor and strength.

In large metropolitan areas, people are very fragmented, because people need to get up to work very early in the morning, and come back late in the evening because of traffic jams, a long path and other things. People want to live an absolute life, and not go to work like robots, without having fun. Actually, therefore, after coming home, many indulge in entertainment instead of sleep. The order gets confused, because going to bed later, and getting up just as prematurely is impossible. The body and brain simply do not have time to rest. In this regard, energy decreases, depressive thoughts show, immunity decreases.

You have to overcome yourself. The secret is to go to bed and get up at the same times during the week, and sleep at least 7 hours. On weekdays, you need to do so much, and plan all the entertainment for the weekend. You will notice almost immediately that you will have more strength on any day of the week. It will be more pleasant to rest, because there will be no feeling of tiredness and lack of sleep. The weekend will turn into bright and positive days. Chakras will be open at all times, and the biofield will become powerful.

It is impossible to become more cloudless if we are constantly having a relationship with those who annoy us, infuriate us. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid such communication, but we do not need to do it. In a metropolis, it is majestic to have, surrounded by pleasant people, with whom the conversation of the century will be visited in an optimistic bed. You need a person who will not deliberately share something awful. Communicate with such personalities as if you can.

Experts pay great attention to order in the house. It is a century sweeter to rest and have fun, when peace and order reign in the native walls. Do the cleaning according to the rules of feng shui so that the home energy of the eyelids is powerful.

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