Sep 12, 2020
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“It’s cool to leave the comfort zone”: Dima Bilan was discharged from the hospital and changed his image

Singer Dima Bilan spent several weeks in the hospital with bronchitis. The artist's condition deteriorated sharply after a boat trip in Yalta. Bilan went to the doctors. Experts checked his lungs and ruled out the coronavirus. Doctors prescribed appropriate treatment for the singer, after which he began to recover. The artist's subscribers and fans were very worried about him. After being discharged from the hospital, Bilan underwent a beauty transformation.


The singer made a fashionable haircut and dyed his hair bright red. Dima clarified that he applied not a tint balm to his hair, but a permanent dye. In a new look, Dima went to the opening of the new TikTok house Content Clan.

"My new reality! And this is just the beginning! And how many experiments are still ahead! How cool it is to leave the comfort zone and decide on such changes!" - the singer signed the frame.


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