Dec 27, 2020
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Itchs and cuts: how to recognize dry eye syndrome?

This is a very common condition faced by over 20% of Russians. Dry eye syndrome causes impairment in the quality of the tear film needed to hydrate the eyes. A tear contains two components – water and fat (lipid), and if for some reason an imbalance occurs, this characteristic feeling of dryness arises.

Dry eye syndrome has several characteristic features:

• sensation of irritation, itching and burning in the eyes;

• feeling of constant tension;

• increased tearfulness, profuse lacrimation after severe irritation;

• a buildup of sticky mucus in or around the eyes;

• feeling of presence of a foreign object in the eye;

• high sensitivity and hyperemia;

• photophobia, inability to concentrate vision at dusk;

• discomfort when wearing lenses;

• blurred vision, pain in the eye.

What can cause dry eyes?

Gadget screens

Digital technologies have made our lives much more comfortable, and during the pandemic, they have completely saved us from unemployment and loneliness. But daily use of gadgets also has a serious side effect – constant eye strain due to the difference in brightness, forcing us to take a closer look. In addition, in the process of working or watching TV series, we are very keen and blink less often. If you spend days with your laptop or smartphone, chances are good that you will experience dry eye syndrome.

Dry indoor air

One of the most tangible enemies of the organs of vision is excessively dry air. Interesting fact: the cornea (the transparent outer lining of the eye) has no blood vessels, meaning it gets nourished by tears. Thus, the tear should provide it with oxygen, but under the influence of dry air it will be very difficult. If the cornea receives few nutrients and oxygen, its condition will worsen. This is especially true now that central heating has made the air in apartments and offices much drier.

Menopause and menopause in women

During menopause and menopause, the amount of estrogen produced decreases, and meanwhile, female hormones affect fat metabolism in the body. They also reduce the amount of fat in the tear. The density of the tears changes and becomes thinner, which causes unreasonable tears in women.

Contact lens use

Contact lenses are effective vision correctors that can change the composition and amount of tears. It is best to wear them not every day, but only when necessary. If you have poor eyesight, you need to drop an artificial tear daily as prescribed by your doctor. This remedy improves the general condition of the corneal mucosa, hinders negative external influences and restores the protective tear film.

Consequences of laser vision correction

Dry eye syndrome is often exacerbated after laser vision correction. This happens if the doctor has not taken care of quality preparation for the operation. It is necessary to carry out a Schirmer test and a dry eye test before correction, and, if necessary, to treat this syndrome with laser stimulation. If the technology is followed, laser correction will take place without complications.

Taking certain medications

The composition of the quality of tears is influenced by the use of a number of drugs, for example, antibiotics. In this case, it is necessary to use an artificial tear to reduce the negative consequences.

Diabetes, blepharitis and other diseases

Dry eyes in diabetes is a fairly common occurrence that is difficult to eliminate, but can be compensated for with special therapy. In the treatment of conjunctivitis, antibiotics are used that interfere with the quality of the tear. Blepharitis is a chronic inflammation of the eyelids, which also affects tear quality. Until this condition is cured, dryness will not go away.


The pharmaceutical industry offers a selection of artificial tear drops, but choosing them without consulting a doctor is almost useless. With dry eyes, a special physiotherapy treatment is also carried out – circulatory laser stimulation of the lacrimal glands. This is a painless and fairly quick procedure, which in 10 days will allow to restore the broken tear film, restore its correct composition and activate the work of the lacrimal glands.


  • Be sure to pay attention to chronic diseases that affect the occurrence of dry eye syndrome.
  • Purchase a humidifier for use at home as well as in the office.
  • Make it a rule to blink more often while working at the computer. You can put a “reminder” that will signal every 10 minutes about the need to blink properly.
  • If you have poor vision, consult your doctor and undergo laser vision correction if you have no contraindications.

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