Oct 7, 2021
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Italy: “We are people, not guinea pigs”

Since early August, Italian authorities have excluded the Covid-19 unvaccinated from most forms of public life. They found themselves on a par with outcasts (“non-citizens”). Now the opportunity to feel and move freely is only given by the presence of the so-called green pass – a kind of health passport, which in Italy is called “green pass” Anglicism, it can be obtained only after two doses of the vaccine.

Since August 6, the “unvaccinated” have already been banned from visiting most public places, such as cafes and restaurants, gyms, museums, exhibitions and open areas – stadiums, public events …

From September 1, the ban also applies to airplanes, ferries, trains and interregional buses, universities (teachers, staff and students) and schools (teachers). Since April, the vaccine has become mandatory for all doctors and healthcare professionals.

And now a new turn in this story has taken place. Established by Legislative Decree, approved by the Council of Ministers, order has affected all Italian workers – 23 million. In fact, the decree of October 15 states: “no green pass – no access to the workplace”, therefore, there is no salary. The decree, however, provides a “green pass” for those who, instead of a vaccine to go to work, prefer to pay for a covid test every 48 hours. However, it is clear that not many will go to such expenses. Although, according to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, the “green pass” is also an instrument of freedom …

The Italians found it strange in their country, where Article 1 of the Constitution reads: “Italy is a democratic republic based on labor. Sovereignty belongs to the people, who exercises it in the forms and within the framework of the Constitution. “

However, in Italy, from October 15, the right to work will only depend on the availability of a “green pass”. And the trade unions seem to be in solidarity with the government.

But what will people who do not receive a salary live on? How will they feed their families? While every migrant who arrives on the coast of Italy, of course, without a “green pass” on hand (they do not even have documents), are guaranteed all the amenities. And at the same time – no guarantees for “unvaccinated” their own citizens! That is, an ill-conceived measure designed to save people from death in the event of a coronavirus may not save people from hunger?

Prime Minister Mario Draghi said: “You don’t get vaccinated, you get sick and die. Or: you don’t get vaccinated, you infect another, and he or she dies. ” That is, these words divide Italian citizens into “good” – vaccinated and “bad”, who are consciously capable of spreading the disease, like carriers of plague and death.

This position of the authorities added even more fuel to the fire, inciting intolerance among people towards each other, generated by months of restrictions that destroy their daily life.

There are those who decided to get vaccinated not so much to protect themselves from the “dangerous virus”, but simply to avoid the risk of losing their jobs. And there are those who decided to do everything possible to protect their rights, not to be vaccinated with an experimental vaccine, in order to lead a normal life in return. Every Saturday in major Italian cities: Rome, Milan (in the Foto), Padua, Verona, Turin and many others, the No Green Pass protest movement is growing. Those who protest declare their right to live with dignity, study, work, and be able to support their families. without having to be blackmailed with vaccinations, or at least freely decide whether to get vaccinated or not.

Protesters are urging the government to be more careful with the use of vaccines, which are still in the experimental stage. Vaccines, which are not really vaccines, but gene sera that lead to many complications and side effects.

Deaths from “sudden illness” after vaccination are no longer counted and because of the censorship introduced in the media, nothing can be learned about them, but anyone can easily find this information on the Internet.

At the same time, the protest, which began at the end of July, is not only not weakening, but is intensifying even more, which can be seen with the naked eye, observing how the human “river” is expanding during protest marches. It is clear that the pro-government media do not cover these protests, or in their news they speak only of a few hundred “agitated” “no-vax” (a derogatory expression for people who oppose universal vaccination).

But it is impossible not to notice the spontaneous and massive nature of the protests – without party flags, except for the national one, with a clearly heterogeneous composition of participants. All of them are united by a desire to defend their constitutional rights, based on Art. No. 21 of the Italian Constitution, which provides for the right to demonstrate, and Art. No. 32 of the Constitution, which states that “no one can be forced to certain treatment.”

By the way, during a large demonstration in Rome on September 25, a high-ranking police officer Nunzia Alessandra Schiliro joined the protest. By stating that the Green Pass was illegal, she stressed her duty to protest in defense of the Constitution, which she had sworn to as a police officer.

About 11 million Italians aged 12 and older – almost 20% of the population – have not even received their first dose of the vaccine. The requirement for a “green pass” is two doses (of the same type or different). Interestingly, these vaccines were too easily recognized (EMA – European Medicines Agency), while Russian vaccines are not recognized.

Moreover, those who have taken two doses of the Russian vaccine cannot count on the “green pass” in Italy, i.e. they will have the same restrictions as unvaccinated Italian citizens. The same is the case with many citizens of the Republic of San Marino who have opted for the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine.

It is clear that the antiquated measures taken by Italy against Russia have nothing to do with health care. So, Russians arriving in Italy are allowed to stay in it for no more than 5 days; in the case of a longer stay, it is required to undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine. Why, one wonders, only 5 days, and, say, not a week, which would help Italian tourism to recover? If a person is infected, then he is infected, and five-day restrictions do not solve anything.

This whole story with the “green passes”, as well as all the restrictive measures associated with them, in fact, seem to be a real blackmail in order to impose experimental mass vaccination on people. Therefore, one of the most visible slogans at the demonstrations is “We are people, not guinea pigs.” At the protest rallies, slogans are chanted against Prime Minister Draghi: “Freedom”, “No green pass”, “Hands off the children”.

Faced with such authoritarian restrictions on freedoms and rights, the “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” understand that this situation is increasingly looking like a farce, and that the “green pass” does not in any way stand up to the pandemic. It is not their health that is under threat, but their freedom and the rights of free citizens. In fact, the “green pass” for Italians represents the transition from democracy to dictatorship, or more precisely, to “democracy” – a monstrous intertwining of authoritarian and dictatorial democratic traits. This neologism has been known for at least thirty years. Its authorship is attributed to two famous intellectuals of our time – the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano and the Croatian publicist Predrag Matveyevich.

Mario Draghi is Italy’s sixth unelected prime minister since Silvio Berlusconi stepped down in 2011. Unelected in the sense that neither he nor the other five candidates for the head of the winning coalition or party came to power through polls.

The only party that opposes the transformation of the unvaccinated into outcasts is the right-wing “Brothers of Italy”, which in most of the statistics of recent months has increased its rating, and it is already about 20%.

Meanwhile, free opinion is already a crime. Thus, disciplinary proceedings have already been initiated against the headmaster of a school in the city of Ferrara, who compared the “green pass” with Auschwitz, and for this he was suspended from work. He posted on Facebook a message in which, using a photomontage, he reminded Auschwitz with the words “Green pass makes you free” (instead of “Arbeit macht frei”).

The whole danger is that it is easy to get used to this new “normality”: irrational, absurd, destructive. One cannot get used to this, let alone accept it: one must be indignant and fight! Many Italians think so. It looks like this autumn will be hot for Italy. The government will try in every possible way to bend all those who resist its venture. But humility is unlikely to come.

Eliseo Bertolazi, Milan

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