Jul 31, 2020
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Italy demands exit from the European Union and the Eurozone

"Europe is the sum of the egotisms of individual countries"

Italian Senator Gianluigi Paragon (Gianluigi Paragone) established a new party with the aim of bringing Italy out of the European Union. The senator is still keeping the name and symbols of the party secret.

Paragone intends to coordinate his efforts with the party of the main British Eurosceptic Neila Farage, whom he had already met in London. “We can no longer tolerate the blackmailing of countries that do not respect [государственный] prestige of Italy "- said the senator after the meeting, stressing that only a truly sovereign state such as Great Britain will be able to overcome the economic difficulties caused by the spread of coronavirus.

On the eve of the EU summit, after long negotiations, an agreement was signed on the creation of an economic recovery fund (Recovery Fund), from which Italy is expected to allocate € 209 billion. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti promised that this money will change the face of the country. However, the distance from signing an agreement to receiving money is an enormous distance.

“Do you believe that this money will go to the Italians? They will flow from bank to bank, and citizens will not see a penny ... There is no such thing as a European citizen. Europe is the sum of the egotisms of individual countries. Sooner or later it will all fall apart "

- said Senator Paragon in an interview Republic,

In 2002, Italians were one of the most "pro-European" nations. 79% of Italian citizens trusted the European Union. Now the level of trust is only 39%. The reasons are in the debt crisis, in the inability of the EU to cope with the flows of migrants besieging the coast of southern Europe, in the social destabilization provoked by the epidemic.

Paragon is a supporter of abandoning the euro in favor of the national currency. “The euro has completely destroyed the lives of Italians. It's time to talk about Italy's exit from the EU and the eurozone. I don’t believe that the euro is irreplaceable ... And I don’t believe that Europe can correct itself ”, - he said.

At the moment, the Paragone party is the most Eurosceptic force in the country. Its degree of Euroscepticism surpasses the anti-Europeanism of such well-known Italian parties as the Five Star Movement and the League of the North.

"They want to change Europe, but we want to leave it" - this is how Paragone described the difference in views with his competitors.

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