Mar 30, 2021
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“It will destroy the country.” Will the US drown in migrant flows?

Having proclaimed the return of the United States to active international politics, the country’s new president Joe Biden ran into problems on the home front. More than 100 thousand migrants stormed the American border in February alone. This has already been used by the former opponent of Biden in the elections, the ex-president of the country. Donald Trump… He blamed his rival for the national catastrophe and is going to personally travel to the border to solve all the problems there.

“National disaster”

“In just a few weeks, the Biden administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster,” said Donald Trump, who left the presidency two months ago.

The migration crisis is one of the main news in the American media now. According to the US Border Guard Service, in February alone, more than 100,000 people tried to cross the Mexican-American border. This is 30% more than in January and three times more than in February last year. 72 thousand people were caught by American border guards and have already been extradited back. However, this does not mean that they will not try to cross the border again.

At the same time, 100 thousand violators are only official estimates. The real number of violators may be many times greater, according to the Republican congressmen, who sent an open letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayrkas… In it, they expressed fears that the new American administration does not understand the seriousness of the crisis.

The influx of migrants was provoked by Biden’s victory in the elections. Earlier, he announced that he was going to significantly soften the country’s migration policy. As a result, even before the inauguration, columns of refugees were drawn to the American borders, who were not allowed into the country under Trump. After occupying the White House, Biden confirmed his intentions. He refused to deport children who arrive in the States unaccompanied and stopped the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico. Against this background, the number of migrants wishing to enter the United States has increased dramatically.

“A huge number of people with children literally live on top of each other in the mud. No one has seen anything worse, nothing like it. Thousands and thousands of people are arriving now, and millions more are coming. This will destroy our country, ”Donald Trump said in an interview with Fox.

He announced his intention to go to the border to meet with the border guards at the construction site of the wall. “They want to see me there, they asked me to come. They are great people, they do a great job, which is now impossible. These people need a leader, ”he said.

All according to the passport

“We are implementing a plan that I am confident in. I don’t care what the other guy does, ”Biden said about his opponent’s plans. However, he cannot ignore the problem. According to polls, more than 57% of Americans consider the new government’s migration policy a failure. This calls into question Biden’s main goal – the legalization of 11 million migrants, which he talked about during the presidential race.

Unlike Trump, the new president believes that America – a country built on the labor of migrants – should return to an open migration policy. Including legalizing those visitors who already live in the United States.

This move has not so much idealistic as practical motives, says FBK-Pravo partner, Americanist Alexander Ermolenko… “Firstly, something needs to be done with illegal migrants who already live in the United States. By legalizing them, the government brings them out of the shadows, gets the opportunity to collect taxes from them, and Americanize them. Putting things in order, simply put. Second, all of these people are potential voters who will vote for Democrats in future elections. Including the presidential one, where, as the last elections showed, even an extra couple of hundred votes can decide the outcome of the race, ”the expert says.

Biden wants to speed up the processing of citizenship applications. Migration reform as a whole is aimed at keeping migrant families, stimulating the American economy and countering the causes of immigration from Central American countries through targeted investments, said Jen Psaki White House Press Secretary

Now is the best time for Biden to push through the law. Both houses of Congress are in the hands of the Democrats (there is equality in the Senate, but with the Vice President’s vote, Democrats have the upper hand). The situation may change during the midterm elections in 2022, so we need to act quickly. However, low support for the reform among the population can put an end to it.

“Given the split, it will be very difficult for the White House to explain to people why such a rather radical decision should be made. This threatens the Democrats with big battles in Congress. It will be difficult for them to pass the law, even with a nominal majority in parliament, ”Yermolenko said.

Now the White House administration is convincing everyone that Trump is to blame for the migration crisis. Biden said that his predecessor did not use federal funds in the amount of $ 700 million to resolve the situation at the border, as a result of which now the number of migrants has increased significantly.

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