Oct 29, 2021
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It took parents only four letters to name eleven children

names for eleven childrenGwenny Blankaert and Marino Vaneeno are the happy parents of eleven children, but this is not the reason why they became famous.

names for eleven children

The fact is that all the names of their seven daughters and four sons are made up of only four Latin letters – A, E, L and X. That’s right – despite the fact that there are twenty-six letters in the Latin alphabet, the spouses from Belgium decided to operate only four.

names for eleven children

It all started with the birth of their first child, who was named Alex. Mom and Dad liked the name so much that the second son was named in a similar way – he became Axel. It was then that Gwenny and Marino realized that both of these names consist of a combination of the same letters, and therefore they decided that it would be fun to name all the other children using only these letters.

names for eleven children

At the moment, parents are raising 11 children, whose names are Alex, Axel, Xela, Lexa, Xael, Xil, Axla, Lix, Xale, Elax and Alks (Alex, Axel, Xela, Lexa, Xael, Xeal, Exla, Leax, Xale, Elax, Alxe). Next year, Gwenny and Marino are expecting the birth of their twelfth child, but there is no need to worry about the name – they still have options made up of their favorite letters.

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