Jul 21, 2021
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"It is the market, stupid": Following the agreement between Germany and the United States on "Nord Stream – 2" saw the myth

Senator Alexei Pushkov saw the myth behind the provisions of the agreement between Germany and the United States on Nord Stream 2. He explained why gas transit through Ukraine will remain and what it will be like. “It is the market, stupid,” wrote the politician.

Pushkov recalled that Moscow has never rejected the transit of gas through Ukraine. However, the question is not in principle itself, but in realistic volumes.

The senator explained that South Stream has been operating since last year. Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, and now Hungary and Serbia receive gas through it. Due to the launch of this energy main, Kiev lost 15 billion cubic meters of transit. When Nord Stream 2 starts working, the big question will be the amount of gas demanded outside the Uzhgorod corridor.

“So this is not about the use of gas by Russia as a“ political weapon. ”This is nothing more than a part of the mythologized Western discourse covering the purely geopolitical goals of the United States in Europe,” Alexei Pushkov wrote in his Telegram channel.

The politician doubted that someone would need Russian gas going through Ukraine. But if transit remains in demand, then in what volumes.

“It is the market, stupid”, – summed up Pushkov.

Let us remind you that the United States and Germany have reached an agreement on the Nord Stream 2 project. United States Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland revealed aspects of the Russian gas pipeline. One of them is to force Russia to extend the transit of its gas through Ukraine until 2034, writes RIA FAN.

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