Jan 6, 2022
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It is not only the drunk Japanese who dream of a war with Russia for the Kuril Islands …

Recently, the media have increasingly begun to write about the likelihood of Japan’s attempts to “resolve the problem of the northern territories” by force, by armed means. Sometimes there are allegations that the current Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, is allegedly speaking about such an option.

The author of these lines is not aware of such a statement by the Japanese prime minister. However, it is well known that proposals to “return” the Kuril Islands to Japan by war are increasingly encountered in Japanese comments under articles on current Japanese-Russian relations. Also memorable is the statement of the deputy of the Japanese parliament Khodaki Maruyama, who, being in the southern Kuriles within the framework of a visa-free exchange and having gone overboard, in a drunken stupor, called on his compatriots to organize a military campaign for the “northern territories”.

Then the Russian Foreign Ministry reacted with indignation to such provocative and hostile statements to our country. “Of course, we are outraged by such rhetoric, – said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. And she noted that it is important to find out whether this incident is “Exclusively a trick of a marginal politician or reflects the mood of local elites, the public”… The representative of the foreign policy department emphasized that the Russian side drew attention to the reaction to these words from the Japanese government.

The Japanese government was forced to condemn the behavior of the unbelievable parliamentarian. The then Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers Yoshihide Suga said that such statements are regrettable and the problem of belonging to the southern part of the Kuril Islands can only be solved through diplomatic means.

However, as it turns out, not all Japanese agree with this. For many, revanchism obscures the mind. In the comments published uncensored in the leading mass media of the Land of the Rising Sun, with a few exceptions of supporters of a peaceful solution to the issue of the islands, calls for the immediate acquisition of nuclear and missile weapons, the rebuilding of strike aircraft carriers, and the increase of landing troops prevail. “For the liberation of the captured islands”… Recall that the government and parliament of Japan consider the Kuril Islands to be sovereign Japanese, “temporarily occupied territories.” Moscow’s consent to continue negotiations on a peace treaty, in which the Japanese see only one sense – to receive all the South Kuril islands at once into their country, gives rise to illusions about their “return”. And those who became convinced of the unwillingness of the Russians to sacrifice their politically primordial territories for the sake of a long-unnecessary peace treaty (for they were part of the Russian Empire since Catherine’s times), call the government and compatriots “to recapture the islands by war.” At the same time, contrary to popular belief, in Japan under the subject of “liberation” is understood not only the southern Kuriles, but the entire Great Kuril Ridge to Kamchatka, Sakhalin and even … the Russian Primorsky Territory!

You don’t have to go far for examples. Just the other day, commenting on an article in the weekly “Shukan Gendai”, one of the readers under the nickname Hey recommended: “I believe that it is necessary to practice not only the“ oncoming ”landing of our troops on the Senkaku Islands, but also to plan landing operations on the four northern islands, Sakhalin and in the Primorsky Territory. In addition, in diplomacy, economic support for Russia must be completely ruled out. Better to throw this money into the gutter. Otherwise, such a waste of them is like tightening the noose around your neck yourself. If we talk about spending our state funds, then we need to spend them on improving military equipment or stepping up covert operations inside Russia. Russia is a country that must always be feared. There is no friendship with her. “

And there are more and more such statements on Japanese social networks. The revanchist sentiments of the Japanese are also fueled by the very influential publications in the country, represented by central newspapers with millions of circulations, not to mention the popular weekly “yellow press”.

However, in the opinion of the author of these lines, the Russian authorities hardly react to publications hostile to our country and people in Japanese publications, including those that have their correspondents accredited in Moscow. A somewhat absurd situation is developing when the Japanese warmongers are given an answer not by the Russian authorities and publications, but by the Chinese.

A Chinese internet company is particularly active Sokhu, which, analyzing the balance of power in the Far East, leaves the Japanese no chance in the event of their reckless attempt to “recapture” the Russian Kuril Islands. She is echoed by another Chinese edition. China… On New Year’s Eve, it posted a material that received wide acclaim in our media under the headline “An attempt to seize the Kuril Islands will result in the loss of the island of Hokkaido for Japan.”

Moscow does not lay claim to Hokkaido now. Although at a time when this island was not Japanese, the Russians took yasak from local aborigines – nausea and brought them into Russian citizenship. Nevertheless, as noted by Chinese analysts, during the provocations unleashed by the newly-minted samurai with the use of weapons, Russian troops may be landed on the northern island of Japan, and then the Japanese government, forgetting about the claims to the Kuril Islands, will have to negotiate the “liberation of Hokkaido.”

In the presented portal “PolitRussia” An article by Chinese analysts notes that Moscow owns the Kurils on a legal basis, and this is recognized by the whole world, because the sovereignty of the USSR, now the Russian Federation, over the Kuril Islands, has international legal registration.

“Japan wants to revise the results of World War II and return the lost territories. At the same time, she speaks about a possible power scenario “, – reminds the publication. To prevent the implementation of such a “scenario”, a garrison has been deployed in the Kuril Islands, in which there are permanently 4,000 servicemen, S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems for air defense have been deployed, as well as the BRK “Bastion” and “Bal”, which cover the islands from attacks from the sea … “In addition, there are tanks and howitzers on the islands. All these weapons will allow the Russian Federation to severely punish its potential adversary and annex new territories to its composition. “, – the portal is quoted by the Chinese edition.

It is believed that even if, taking advantage of surprise (the favorite Japanese insidious method of attacking other countries), the Japanese manage to land on the southern Kuriles, they will face a crushing defeat. Chinese analysts paint the following picture of the battles: “Japan still has a chance to get the Kuril Islands at its disposal for a day. If she competently prepares a military operation, she will be able to capture important objects on the islands. But Tokyo will be able to keep them only until the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation approaches. He will not only give a harsh response to the use of force, but along the way will take control of the island of Hokkaido, after which Japan will have to make plans for its return. “

“The Russian Federation will quickly react to this aggression and Japan will have to face the wrath of one of the leading military powers in the world,” – the authors state China… Combat ships and submarines of the Russian Pacific Fleet will be immediately sent to the conflict zone, and the Russian military can also launch a missile strike on the enemy. The Japanese group will be forced to retreat, and the landing force that has landed on the Kuril Islands will be surrounded and neutralized in a matter of hours. “Japan will have to pay too high a price for trying to seize the Kuril Islands”– summarize the Chinese military experts.

I believe that Japanese politicians and strategists have enough common sense to realize the consequences of the unleashing, even under the cover of the Americans, of an armed conflict with Russia over the Kuril Islands. However, as has been repeatedly warned, in the Land of the Rising Sun there are and are very active pro-fascist nationalist organizations, constantly organizing sabbaths at the Russian embassy and representative offices of the Russian Federation in Tokyo and other cities of the country, including the border Hokkaido. It cannot be ruled out that as tensions escalate in Japanese-Russian relations, these organizations, supported and financed by the right-wing political forces of Japan, will undertake provocative forays into the Kuril Islands. And then the Russian border guards and the military will not have time to find out who is encroaching on our islands – Japanese ultra or regular troops. The response to provocation will be overwhelming. And it’s time for the Japanese authorities to take effective measures to prevent propaganda in their media. “Wars with the Russians for the islands”… This is not a threat, this is just a timely warning …

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