May 14, 2022
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“It is impossible to provoke Russia further”

How Japan Helps Biden Fight Russia

Former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard on TV Fox News stated that the policy of the Biden administration is aimed at destroying the Russian state, that the actions of the White House are dangerous and could lead to a nuclear conflict.

Among those willing to put pressure on Moscow, along with America, was Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. Having neighbors, to put it mildly, unfriendly states (DPRK, PRC, South Korea), Kishida decided to finally “burn bridges” in relations with the Russian state, a country whose leadership over the past 30 years has done everything possible to maintain friendly relations with the Land of the Rising Sun.

The Kishida-led government is even ahead of other G7 countries in its policy of being hostile to Russia. The Japanese government was one of the first to deny our country the most favored nation trade, banned the export to Russia of almost the entire range of Japanese goods previously purchased by Moscow, and imposed an embargo on traditional Soviet-era Russian exports to Japan. Tokyo imposed sanctions on the top leaders of the Russian Federation, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, extending these sanctions to the daughters of the Russian leader.

How long Kishida will remain in the premier’s chair is unknown, because elections to the House of Councilors of the Japanese Parliament are coming up in July, and the fate of the incumbent prime minister may depend on them. In any case, the unpopular Kishida has little chance of demonstrating political longevity. And it will not be possible to quickly restore the Japanese-Russian relations spoiled by Kishida.

Moreover, in his policy of “weakening” Russia, he does not want to stop. On May 13, Kishida announced that in addition to the banks Otkritie, Novikombank, Sovcombank, VTB, Rossiya, Promsvyazbank, VEB, which had already been sanctioned, the assets of Sberbank and Alfa-Bank placed in Japan would be frozen.

Now Japan is expanding the list of goods and technologies prohibited for export to Russia. According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the list will include 3D printers and equipment for quantum computing. In total, the document contains 14 new titles. Among them are catalysts for oil refining, electron and atomic force microscopes, powdered metals and metal alloys used in 3D printers, hydrogen produced using solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. The new list of prohibited goods and technologies also included semiconductor and electrically conductive polymers, equipment for the production of organic light emitting diodes, devices related to quantum technologies, including photodetectors. The supply ban has been approved by the government and will come into effect on May 20.

With Kishida, as they say, everything is clear. How do the Japanese people react?

More than 80% of the population of Japan, under the influence of massive propaganda, declares that they have no good feelings towards our country, which is considered “gloomy, cold, insensitive and merciless.” The Japanese media often lie about the policies of the Russian leadership. This was the case, for example, when in August 2008 the Japanese reported that it was not Saakashvili who attacked South Ossetia, firing rockets at the sleeping residents of Tskhinval, but “Putin’s Russia”… attacked Georgia to prevent it from joining NATO.

The vast majority of the Japanese do not know what policy Kyiv is pursuing in relation to the population of Donbass, they are not familiar with the goals of the special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine and believe that “the Russians made an unprovoked invasion.” In polls, more than 85% of Japanese support sanctions designed to “stop Putin.”

There are those who believe that the operation in Ukraine makes it possible to obtain territorial and other concessions from Russia, primarily the “return of the northern territories,” that is, the Kuril Islands. You can hear statements like this:

“We need to drive Russia into an economic collapse. No matter how much you negotiate with Russia, this nation will never improve. In particular, nothing will work with the Russians of the Lavrov generation.”

“It is possible to return the islands only in the virtual case if Russia suffers an economic collapse.”

“It is possible to return the lost territories only by military force.” “So what if Russia “does not accept” our protests?

Let Russia plunge into economic chaos!”

However, not all Japanese agree to bring relations with Russia to the extreme. After all, sanctions are one thing, and the war with the Russians is quite another. Here are the statements of sane people posted on the Yahoo News Japan portal (translated by InoSMI):

pbzh: “The Kishida administration has gone too far in sanctions against Russia… If you look at the actions of the Biden administration so far, you will understand that even if Japan is attacked, it is possible that America will provide it with weapons, but will not fight alongside the Japanese… If China, North Korea and Russia will unite and create a common front against Japan, the death of our country is inevitable. Speaking about the security of Japan, it is better not to turn it into an enemy of Russia… In this sense, it is still better to leave the economic path in relations with Russia.”

Job: “Firstly, this quarrel with Russia was initially caused by the Japanese government. With regard to the issue of Ukraine, Japan is not an interested party or participant here. She is too deeply drawn into this alien conflict for us. There are various problems between Japan and Russia, but the Japanese government itself exacerbates them …

acquaintance: “Ukraine is a neo-Nazi state… And Russia is Stalin’s legacy… Japan should be neutral in this conflict. She should not be involved in it on either side. Supporting Ukraine only senselessly prolongs the war.”

p6: “Let’s put neo-Nazism aside for now. Why is Japan, which is a vassal state of the United States and its colony, so zealously and openly accusing Russia? Unlike the self-sufficient United States, Japan relies heavily on Russia for its imports, so if we follow the United States and other countries hostile to Russia, we won’t have a future of our own. Why can’t Japanese politicians and bureaucrats ever pursue Japan’s independent foreign policy? It’s all very sad.”

Tall: “It is impossible to provoke Russia further. We don’t have many people in the Self-Defense Forces. And if we are attacked, then there will be no one to pull the trigger. Military exercises and military reality are two different things. We must no longer interfere in this conflict. The safety of the Japanese people is more important.”

Maipo: “It was the Soviet Union that liberated the world from the Nazis. And Russia frees him from neo-Nazis, doesn’t it? The Japanese are collaborating with neo-Nazis without realizing it. Blindly following the United States, Japanese politicians protect only their own skins and indulge their own greed. They don’t care about the people at all.”

until: “We are being kicked out because we kicked out Russian diplomats. I think that the employees of our embassy in Moscow know more about Russia than ordinary citizens. And not only about Russia, but also about diplomatic practice – you expel and you are also exiled in response, these are mirror measures that balance the actions of the opposite side … Japan sold out to the United States, purposefully worsening relations with Russia. I don’t understand where this is going to lead us? The current US ambassador to Japan, after the departure of Russian diplomats, tweeted a completely idiotic post … He generally creates a lot of problems. What, no one can silence him?”

Le: “Japan has nothing to get involved in this conflict. I would like us not to be drawn into other people’s quarrels.


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