Nov 24, 2021
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It is categorically impossible to listen to other people’s complaints. 4 important reasons why

It is categorically impossible to listen to other people's complaints.  4 important reasons why

It is categorically impossible to listen to other people’s complaints. 4 important reasons why

What to do with those who constantly complain?

We all know people, every conversation with whom translates into their problems. And they are always present: the unfortunate mourner has a constant hassle with work / study, personal life, beloved dog, traffic jams, neighbors and burrs.

It would seem – what is it about listening to another long tragic story about other people’s problems? It’s unpleasant, yes, but politeness and good upbringing do not allow us to reject such people. However, this inflicts enormous damage on ourselves …

Why can’t you listen to complaints?

This world does not tolerate those who constantly cry. The universe adjusts to them and far-fetched small problems turn into real and serious ones. Once starting to complain, a person will receive more and more reasons for this.

And this is what complaints threaten the one who listens to the sufferer.

1. Loss of vital energy. Have you noticed that you feel very tired after such pointless conversations? Complaining from others sucks the strength out of you. In addition, they are able to attract negativity not only to the one you listened to, but also to you.

2.Simple manipulation. Often, the one who complains does it for a reason, but for selfish purposes. He expects you to feel guilty and awkward for your successes, which will make you offer and give the sufferer all kinds of support and help to your detriment.

3. Deterioration of the emotional state. Our psyche is having a hard time after streams of negativity, even someone else’s. This leads to feelings of guilt, negative thoughts, loss of energy, emotional imbalance, and even disruption of the brain.

4. Changing the outlook on life. Even if you are an incorrigible optimist, other people’s problems will quickly change that. You will learn to look at the world through dark glasses and eventually stop noticing all the good things that surround you, turning into the same whiner.

What to do?

Pull yourself together, take politeness away, and learn to ignore the complainant. This is the best tool that will save your time, strength, energy, nerves and brain.

Here are some important tips:

  • try to minimize contact with eternal sufferers – do not invite them to visit,
  • refuse offers to go somewhere together; if you meet by chance, leave as soon as possible, referring to your business;
  • let’s understand that these are not your problems – point out directly that the cause and solution of any trouble is in the hands of the complainant;
  • do not show weakness – give up sympathy, offers to help and stop worrying about those who only do what they cry;
  • set personal boundaries – learn to say “no,” “I’m not interested,” “I don’t want to listen to a monologue about your problems,” and “stop complaining.”
  • Afraid of sounding rude? Well, you can stay gentle and welcoming to everyone. But be prepared that everyone around you will pour out negativity on you, not noticing you yourself, and your soul will soon become like a trash can filled with other people’s troubles.

Remember: your life is more important than the problems and complaints of others.
Take care of yourself, your beloved, and learn to ignore the sufferers – you will immediately notice that life has become brighter and more joyful

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