Jun 29, 2021
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"It is a trap": The USA realized the risks of Ukraine in its allies

American expert Ted Galen Carpenter believes that Ukraine’s allies are “a trap” for the United States. And Washington, according to him, should not fall into it, otherwise a war is possible.

Ukraine is not suitable for the role of an ally of the United States, said Ted Galen Carpenter, senior fellow in foreign and defense policy at the Cato Institute. He expressed this opinion in his column for the National Interest.

Carpenter writes that the Americans have repeatedly overthrown regimes they disliked around the world, and did not hesitate to use violent methods.

In Ukraine, he said, such a coup in 2014 was carried out with the help of ultra-nationalist and neo-Nazi groups, which still influence the politics of Kiev. At the same time, the situation with the observance of rights in Independent, in his opinion, remains deplorable.

“Strategically, Ukraine is a trap that could drag the American side into an unnecessary war. From a moral point of view, the image of the Ukrainian authorities is completely discredited, no matter how Ukrainian lobbyists from Western countries try to launder it,” Carpenter said.

He believes that no “varnishing of reality” will help, and Ukraine will always be an unsafe and unworthy ally for the United States.

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