Aug 5, 2022
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IT expert: Digital control will not allow re-voting during the Mundep elections in Moscow

The developer spoke about technological innovations in the elections of municipal deputies in Moscow.

Preparations for the autumn election campaign have already started in the Russian capital. Municipal deputies in Moscow will be elected from 9 to 11 September. Residents of the districts will be able to cast their vote both when visiting polling stations and directly from home.

The capital will use a system of remote electronic voting. Other digital innovations will also be used. The developers themselves spoke about the technological innovations of the capital’s election campaign.

Thus, the DEG system will operate in a simplified format. In addition, the organizers will compile an electronic list of voters. You can vote remotely on the portal. To do this, you only need to have active voting rights and a full account. Pre-registration is no longer required.

Artem Kostyrko, Head of the Department for Improving Territorial Administration and the Development of Smart Projects of the Moscow Government, spoke about new aspects of digital elections in Moscow. He stressed that the electoral system of the city is moving along an evolutionary path.

“The first visible improvement is that now there is no need to apply for electronic voting, all data as part of the general procedure for preparing lists is loaded into an electronic list and a person receives a notification,” the official said.

The second advantage of the system, according to him, is to reduce the burden on election commissions, which will not have to double-check data using an electronic list. The expert also spoke about the third innovation: digital control will not allow repeated voting.


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