Nov 21, 2021
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It became known why Valery Garkalin was not helped by the vaccination


Actor Valery Garkalin died of COVID 19 in hospital.

The artist died from the effects of the coronavirus on November 20. He was 67 years old. He put the vaccine back in the summer, but it did not save the actor’s life.

Doctors say that Garkalin did not have antibodies. The reason is that the actor had heart disease, and he also drank alcohol.

Valery Garkalin
Valery Garkalin

Metabolic processes are disrupted, the body cannot fight and give an adequate response to vaccination. As a result, an incorrect immune response is formed. However, this is a very rare case, which speaks of extremely serious wear and tear of the body: if we look at the statistics, we will see that antibodies do not appear in 0.01% or even 0.001% of cases.“, – quotes the doctor-pulmonologist Sergei Puryasev” Komsomolskaya Pravda “.

According to Puryasev, vaccination does not exclude other measures to combat infection – wearing a mask, washing hands, maintaining social distance and, if possible, self-isolation.

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