Jan 28, 2021
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It became known what was the last conversation of PR director Yulia Nachalova with the singer

07:11, 28.01.2021

The assistant of the artist who died 2 years ago was very close to her.

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On January 27, as part of the Dok-Tok talk show, Channel One continued showing a documentary about Yulia Nachalova. The singer died on March 16, 2019 from acute heart failure, which was caused by blood poisoning and internal organ failure. According to relatives of the star, shortly before hospitalization, she rubbed her toe, which provoked the appearance of an abscess, which led to a fatal outcome.

Third edition of the film “Yulia Nachalova: The Hero of Not My Novel” its creators dedicated it to the singer’s third lover, hockey player Alexander Frolov, to whom the artist left Evgeny Aldonin. The six-year relationship with the athlete ended in parting and scandal. The fact is that Frolov, through the court, demanded from Yulia a part of the apartment that the artist’s father bought her daughter Vera. The singer could not believe that the ex-lover did this to her. Because of the worries, she began to jump in blood sugar, which led to the development of diabetes.

Alexander Frolov and Julia Nachalova

“Courts began, vicissitudes began, calls and SMS. And in this SMS-ke, my God, the alignment, what money for several years has been invested in their life together. Alimony was calculated for his daughter Sasha, two cars that he bought for dad and mom, which no one from the Nachalovs ever drove. All tickets were counted when they flew together. The restaurants they went to were counted. Checks are not attached! But he estimated all the trips to restaurants at one million dollars, “- said PR director of the singer Anna Isaeva about Frolov’s demands.

It was the conflict with Frolov, according to the relatives of Nachalova, that finally undermined the already poor health of Julia. Isaeva considered it her duty to disclose the content of the last conversation with the singer, who was also her close friend, because before her death, the star asked her not to give the property to the treacherous ex-chosen one. “Our last conversation with her was at 18:41. Yulia’s mother was there, and she asked her to be silent, as she needed to concentrate, and she was nervous. She said to me: “I want to say that this is important. Listen to me, and then you have to say that to everyone about Frolov. You have to say that he left me himself. I want everyone to know that he went to my friend, who was the wife of his best friend in America. That I didn’t say this before, but now I want everyone to know. I wrote down this apartment to him in an unconscious state. I was on medication. And I must say that my Faith is growing. We didn’t want this topic in the media, but now everything has changed, but I must say. Go and speak! ” – asked the artist Isaeva.

After Julia Nachalova passed away, the real estate issue was resolved. Now the apartment belongs to Vera Aldonina. The 14-year-old heiress of the singer now lives with her mother’s parents, her father often visits her and takes her with him on vacation. “This is a very light, kind and intelligent person. A reliable friend and, as I feel, a reliable dad. Zhenya has a wonderful mother. When we met, we realized from the first seconds that we are dear people. We are friends now. We are all right, everything is as it should be. No scandals and showdowns “, – told about the relationship with Aldonin Victor and Taisiya Nachalov

Vera and Evgeny Aldonin

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