Dec 31, 2020
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It became known what interferes with the treatment of hospitalized with COVID-19 Freundlich

The treatment of actress Alice Freundlich, hospitalized with coronavirus, is complicated by a bad habit that negatively affected her lungs.

Now the star of “Office Romance” is in the intensive care unit. At first, 86-year-old Freundlich tried to heal herself at home, but it did not help.

According to a source close to medical circles, the actress’s condition is assessed as consistently difficult, but there is no tendency to deteriorate. In addition, the artist obediently follows all the recommendations of the doctors. However, the situation is complicated by Freundlich’s addiction to tobacco – she said that she smokes at least a pack of cigarettes every day. Because of this, the state of her lungs is far from ideal, which can be a significant circumstance in the case of coronavirus.

“The hospital has a set of treatment tools, all procedures are performed. Now everything depends on her organism, ”a source told Komsomolskaya Pravda – Petersburg.

Due to the coronavirus, Alice Freundlich will have to meet the coming year in the hospital. Earlier, the granddaughter of the actress told how exactly her grandmother will spend the holiday.

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