Feb 18, 2021
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It became known what inheritance the late Andrei Myagkov left

14:38, 02/18/2021

The contender for the property will be the artist’s wife.

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On February 18, Soviet and Russian actor Andrei Myagkov passed away at the age of 82. The death of the artist was reported at the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov. According to preliminary data, death occurred as a result of acute heart failure. It is known that the actor was found unconscious by his wife. 77-year-old Anastasia Voznesenskaya called an ambulance, but her husband died before the doctors arrived.

Andrey Myagkov has been married since 1963. For all these years, the couple never had children. To the relevant questions, they answered that in their youth they worked a lot and did not have enough time for anything. The actor said that due to immersion in the profession, personal life faded into the background. Thus, there will be no struggle for the actor’s real estate: everything will go to Andrei Vasilyevich’s wife, since she is the heiress of the first stage.

Anastasia Voznesenskaya

Myagkov led a rather closed lifestyle and left the personal behind the scenes. It is known that the artist owns suburban real estate, as well as an apartment located on General Ermolov Street, which is located near the Park Pobedy metro station. Note that the future of the couple met while studying at the Moscow Art Theater. They hid their relationship from classmates. The couple’s romance became known only after they got married. The management gave the newlyweds a separate room in the student dormitory. After the wedding, the couple were together not only at home, but also at work. They started together at Sovremennik, and then moved to the Moscow Art Theater.

In 2013, the acting married duo celebrated the 50th anniversary of their marriage. Throughout this time, the artists have always been for each other not only husband and wife, but also creative partners. In recent years, they have stopped working in the theater. “Andrey Vasilyevich and Anastasia Valentinovna did not go on stage, they lived in solitude, devoting themselves to each other … The Art Theater deeply mourns and expresses condolences to Anastasia Valentinovna Voznesenskaya, Andrei Vasilyevich’s relatives, his students and all fans of his talent,” the press service of the Moscow Art Theater said …

Andrey Myagkov and Alisa Freindlich

By the way, there was one romantic story in the life of a monogamous actor. As a student of the Leningrad Institute of Chemical Technology, where Myagkov received his first higher education, which his father insisted on, the future star fell in love with a classmate Tamara Abrosimova… They were brought together by a common passion for theater. But this love story was not destined to continue. Tamara decided to become an actress and moved to Moscow. And when Myagkov himself moved to the capital, he already met his future wife.

Andrey Myagkov

It should be added that the first serious role of Andrey Myagkov on the screen was the work in the film by Ivan Pyriev “The Brothers Karamazov”. The artist became famous thanks to his long-term cooperation with the director Eldar Ryazanov. The actor played in the films “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”, “Office Romance”, “Garage” and “Cruel Romance”. Andrey Myagkov has starred in more than 50 films over the years of his career. The artist received the title of national in 1986. In addition, in his “piggy bank” of awards there is the USSR State Prize (1977), the RSFSR State Prize (1979) and the Seagull theatrical prize.

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