Apr 7, 2021
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It became known what awaits the participants of the scandalous photo shoot in Dubai

It became known what awaits the participants of the scandalous photo shoot in Dubai

Despite the great public outcry that the story of the scandalous photo shoot in Dubai received (recall, the other day there were about 40 girls, including eight Russian women, were filmed naked on the balcony of one of the skyscrapers), there was no loud continuation. The authorities of the United Arab Emirates decided to deport the participants of the photo session, as well as IT-entrepreneur Alexei Kontsov, who is called one of its organizers (he himself denies his involvement in this) from the country. Two other initiators of the shooting, Ukrainian businessman Viktor Grechin and photographer Alexander Ten, managed to escape from the UAE even before the arrest, according to the Baza Telegram channel.

The Dubai Attorney General’s Office has completed an investigation into the posting of the video, which was contrary to UAE law. The participants in the incident will be deported from the UAE. No more comments will be made on this matter.

– said the authorities in Dubai.

We can say that the girls got off very easily: for the scandalous shooting, they were threatened with a prison term of up to six months, as well as a fine of $ 1,300 each. The participants and organizers of the photo session were accused of public indecent behavior and the possession and production of pornography, which for the UAE is a serious violation of the law, since it is a Muslim country and there are strict rules.

Now, however, participation in the photo session of Russian women in the Russian Consulate General is denied (it was also initially reported that one of the detainees was the daughter of Russian businessman Maxim Voronin, Alina). The identities of the detained girls were not disclosed by the Dubai police.

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