Aug 31, 2020
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It became known that Valentina Legkostupova did not pay for utilities for six months

08:59, 08/31/2020

The singer owes 33 thousand rubles.

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On August 14, Valentina Legkostupova passed away. The performer of the hit "Yagoda-raspberry" died at the age of 54 in the hospital without regaining consciousness. The artist was hospitalized after her health condition deteriorated. The survey confirmed that the star patient had a head injury, but after the operation, the singer fell into a coma. A few days before that, Legkostupova was brought to a narcological dispensary - she was found drunk on the floor of the Moscow apartment where the artist lived. She did not get in touch for several days, and the worried daughter came to her home. Together with Valentina was her husband Yuri Firsov, who explained the appearance of bruises on his wife's body by the fact that she fell.

Interestingly, over the past six months, Valentina Legkostupova did not pay for utilities, and now her apartment in one of the sleeping areas of Moscow has a debt of 33 thousand rubles. Journalists of the program "You Won't Believe It!" went to the house of the late singer in order to find out from the neighbors of Legkostupova how she lived after her marriage with her third husband. However, a notice of debt was found on the door of her apartment.

Valentina Legkostupova and Yuri Firsov

It should be added that the neighbors of Easy Access have never heard any quarrels and did not notice the suspicious behavior of the spouses. And Firsov's nephew claims that the couple did not let Valentina's relatives or Firsov's relatives enter the door. They literally locked themselves in the apartment. It is noteworthy that her eldest daughter, Anette Bril, also complained that she was unable to communicate with her mother. The words of the Legkostupova heiress were conveyed by her father, the artist's first husband Igor Kushnarev. He said that she tried in vain to get through to her mother, but each time her new husband answered the phone. And he, in turn, said that Valya was busy, or sleeping, or working. Kushnarev even suggested that Firsov was holding Valya hostage. “I immediately told my daughter that Valentina had become a hostage. After all, it cannot be that Valya was without a phone for two, three, four days! This Firsov deprived Valya of communication with the world and simply finished off. As a result, bruises were later found on her body, ”Kushnarev said.

It is worth noting that after the sudden death of Legkostupova, her relatives, as well as colleagues, began to express disapproval of Firsov, suspecting that it was he, one way or another, who caused the misfortune. So, Anetta Bril wrote in her microblog on Instagram that if Firsov knew that his mother had fallen, why he did not call an ambulance and why he did not inform her family about it.

“Please note a very important thing. My family and I do NOT accuse anyone of beating, because we have no right to do so without proof. Let the SK understand everything. But we have a number of questions that we would like to receive answers to. For example, why in the event of her fall in the bathroom, we were not contacted and reported about the injury? No state of "drunken inadequacy" implies leaving a person in danger. Why did you even need to drink ?! This is only a small part of the questions ... I am not going to throw mud at Y. Firsov, since it was my mother's choice, "Anetta wrote in her microblog on Instagram (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are here and below without changes. - Note...ed.)

Annette Brill

Singer Svetlana Lazareva, who was friends with a colleague on the stage, said that she did not like her husband Vali right away, and that any deception would be revealed sooner or later. Natalya Shturm generally published an archival record made during one of the regattas with Firsov's participation. In the video, the yachtsman did not appear in the best manner - he was rude and swore violently. “I would not dare to sail with such a captain. And even more so to marry him. And what is the huge difference between that quiet Firsov on TV and in reality? Throw such one overboard without hesitation. Do you think such a person could behave aggressively with Valya while drunk? Could you hit? " - the singer of the hit "School Romance" commented on the video.

We add that Yuri Firsov and Valentina Legkostupova got married this summer, before that the couple had been texting on social networks for 5 years. Yuri persistently suggested that the singer take part in the regatta. The actress refused, citing seasickness, but then agreed to the offer. “The wedding was quite spontaneous, because before that there were quarantine measures. They organized it all in just a day. Then they went to Valentina's relatives in Feodosia and got married there, ”Firsov’s nephew told NTV journalists.

We also add that last Friday on his Facebook page Firsov published an announcement that he was looking for a job. A yachtsman in need of earnings offered to overtake someone's yacht. “I need the sea, like air, as an opportunity to live, and how to survive, I have no other way to grieve on the shore, this is all I can tell you,” the widower noted in the comments to his publication.

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