Apr 19, 2021
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It became known that the widower of Valentina Legkostupova stole a large sum of money from his former lover

23:33, 04/19/2021

In the show “Let them talk” Yuri Firsov was accused of fraud.

On April 19, in the studio of the First Channel TV show “Let Them Talk”, the circumstances and causes of death of 54-year-old singer Valentina Legkostupova, who died on August 14, 2020, were discussed. Daughter of the performer of the hit “Berry-Raspberry” Annette Brill came to the shooting with her husband and father to declare that the last spouse of her mother, yachtsman Yuri Firsov, was directly involved in the death of the singer. At the same time, it turned out that Valentina Legkostupova was allegedly not the only victim of the alleged swindler.

According to the presenter Dmitry Borisov, she called the editorial office of Let the Speak Svetlana Usmanova, who told the story of her acquaintance with Firsov and his girlfriend Tamara Khmelnova… Svetlana met them by chance when her friend asked for help to sell the house. Firsov and Khmelnova responded to the ad. “She called him husband. They examined the house and promised that they would contact us, ”Usmanova said in a talk show. According to her, Tamara was going to sell her apartment in order to buy a house.

Yuri Firsov in the show “Let them talk”

After Firsov and Khmelnova saw the house, they did not call back. Then Usmanova herself contacted Khmelnova to find out her decision to buy real estate. And, as it turned out, Firsov allegedly disappeared with the woman’s money from the sold apartment, so Tamara was left with nothing. In addition, as Usmanova recalled her conversation with Khmelnova, Firsov deceived the woman twice. At first, he lied to her that he was divorced – Tamara saw a stamp in his passport, proving the existence of a legal wife. After the scam with the apartment, according to the participant of the show “Let them talk”, Tamara Khmelnova began to abuse alcohol and died.

Svetlana Usmanova in the show “Let them talk”

Relatives of Valentina Legkostupova are sure that the singer also became a victim of a swindler. According to Galina Legkostupovoy, the mother of the late artist, Yuri Firsov hinted that he has rights to her apartment in the Crimea. And the daughter of Valentina Valerievna said in “Let them talk” that a few days before the death of Legkostupova, a close friend of the star Tatiana Vypenko I called her mother in Crimea and said: “Galina Ivanovna, urgently fly to Moscow: Vali’s every day may be her last.” Now the whereabouts of Tatiana Vypenko is not known. For six months now, neither her relatives nor the law enforcement agencies have been able to find her.

Valentina Legkostupova

Recall that on August 6, 2020, the singer was hospitalized with a head injury from her apartment, where she was with her husband Yuri Firsov. According to him, while he was sleeping, she allegedly fell in the bathroom. Legkostupova married him just a month before her death. The man spoke in public about the alcohol addiction of his late wife, while her friends and family denied the star’s addiction to alcohol.

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