Feb 16, 2021
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It became known that the widow of Alexei Batalov, during the life of the actor, began to divide his property

12:55, 16.02.2021

The artist asked his wife not to pester him with questions about the inheritance.

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For six months now, the widow of Alexei Batalov, together with her daughter, has been in the center of public attention because of the scandal related to the property of the late artist. It was reported that Gitana Leontenko together with Maria Batalova transferred the property to actress Natalya Drozhzhina. Later, the artist’s widow, together with her daughter, demanded that the rent agreement be declared invalid in order to regain the property.

It is worth noting that the relatives of the late Alexei Batalov really have something to fight for. At the moment, the dispute with Drozhzhina is about 1/3 of a four-room apartment in a house on Serafimovich Street, an actor’s workshop and an apartment in 1st Samotechny Lane. It is interesting that Gitana Leontenko tried to share the fate of all this property during Batalov’s lifetime. A former assistant to Batalov remembered this Zurab Japaridze

Mikhail Tsivin and Natalia Drozhzhina

Alexey Batalov passed away on June 15, 2017 at the age of 88. The artist, according to his assistant, wanted to spend his last days in peace. However, his wife Gitana Leontenko still wanted to determine in advance the fate of the artist’s inheritance, constantly raising this delicate topic in conversations with family friends and Aleksey Vladimirovich himself. True, the artist was not interested in this question. He transferred all the property to his wife, so he was tired of talking about the division of the inheritance.

“Gitana herself discussed this topic with everyone. When Batalov was tired of these conversations, he said: enough, I earned everything for you, I rewrote all the property for you, and now leave me alone and let me die in peace, ”said Batalov’s assistant. By the way, he also told how Natalya Drozhzhina and her husband Mikhail Tsivin appeared in the life of the Batalovs.

Maria Batalova

Drozhzhina and Tsivin met Batalov’s widow through her daughter Maria. As Japaridze recalled, the couple herself approached Batalova in the theater, handing her business cards. After Maria herself invited the spouses to visit. I must say that Batalov’s assistant tried to warn Gitana Arkadyevna about the reputation that Drozhzhina and Tsivin had in the movie scene. However, Batalov’s widow did not believe him. It seemed to her that the spouses did not pose any danger. She was especially bribed by the fact that they communicated on an equal footing with Maria, who was born with cerebral palsy.

Alexey Batalov

It is noteworthy that at some point Drozhzhina and Tsivin tried to set up Batalov’s widow against the artist’s assistant, who was always at her house. “After a while she asked me:“ Zurab, are you a drug addict? ” Tsivin came up with it. “Well, if you believe Tsivin, then it turns out that for fifteen years you allowed a drug addict to your home and were even going to marry him off your only daughter,” I said then, ”the late Batalov’s assistant recalled in an interview with KP.

We will remind, a week ago, the widow of Alexei Batalov and his daughter Maria refused to take back the property, previously rewritten to Natalia Drozhzhina. They took this position on the basis of the fact that they decided to invalidate the annuity agreement, which was signed by Maria Batalova. As a result, the law enforcement agencies sided with the family of the late Alexei Batalov in the case of a scam with the actor’s property. The next court hearing in the Drozhzhina case is scheduled for March 3.

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