Aug 13, 2022
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It became known that the 44th artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is hitting the Zaporozhye NPP

It became known that the 44th artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is hitting the Zaporozhye NPP

Photo: AP/TASS

From the large village of Dneprovka to the city of Energodar is within easy reach – half an hour of leisurely driving. Almost the entire village works at the Zaporozhye NPP. In the early morning of August 9, the Ukrainian Nazis fired at Dneprovka for the first time with rockets with Lepestok anti-personnel mines. Immediately after the shelling, a man, an employee of the station, was injured from the explosion of such a mine. With a severed foot, he was hospitalized in Energodar.

The order of the Kyiv command is very clear – the largest nuclear power plant in Europe must stop working. Until now, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have bombarded residential areas of Donetsk with Petals. Now they began to terrorize the Zaporizhzhya nuclear scientists. A shock for the local population was the attack of a drone that hit the children’s room in the suburban village of Sosnovy Bor. The photographs of the toys hit by shrapnel struck the Energodar residents especially strongly. It was then that many decided to leave.

“Kyiv will arrange a catastrophe that will surpass Chernobyl and Fukushima”, “A whole continent will suffer.” “Ukrainian leaders have finally lost common sense,” perhaps all these loud statements by the Russian Foreign Ministry and the military department are applicable in the international political confrontation.

And the topic a la “radiation will affect the whole of Europe”, even manage to stretch through the UN. Although what is the practical meaning of such verbal chatter?

In fact, the team’s calculation Zelensky extremely cynical and at the same time clearly verified. Six VVER-1000 reactors in Energodar provide about 20% of Ukraine’s energy balance. Well, to be more specific, they supply electricity to the industrial giants of Zaporozhye and the neighboring Dnepropetrovsk region. It was for the development of this industrial region that back in 1977 the USSR Council of Ministers decided to build a nuclear power plant on the shores of the Kakhovka Sea – the third largest in the world.

Without the Zaporozhye NPP, the current existence of the giant Kryvorizhstal and the entire iron ore basin of Kryvbas is impossible. Hundreds of the largest metallurgical and machine-building enterprises of the Dnepropetrovsk region are powered from here. Finally, Energodar ensures the functioning of the industrial flagships of Zaporozhye itself – from the legendary Zaporizhstal and Dneprospetsstal plants to the famous Motor Sich aircraft building association.

The capacities of the Stalinist DneproGES were critically lacking for all of them half a century ago. The list of ZNPP energy consumers can be continued for a long time. The main thing is that more than seven million people are behind these enterprises, according to the most conservative estimates. They are guaranteed to be out of work if the ZNPP is shut down.

So, the strategic ring of Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Dnieper. It looks like Kyiv has already said goodbye to this most important region of the southeast. Of course, they will fight for him “until the last Ukrainian”, but the outcome is clear.

An ardent Russophobe, head of the headquarters of the ex-Dnepropetrovsk territorial defense Gennady Korban gave a sensational interview to the British. He stated that the authorities are deceiving the Ukrainians, promising “the liberation of Kherson in 3-6 weeks.” According to him, if Putin takes Zaporozhye and crosses the Dnieper River, then neighboring Dnepropetrovsk (renamed Dnepr) will not stand:

What kind of counteroffensive are we talking about? Why lie? People in Ukraine are in such a state, they are in such a tragedy that they will accept any truth. Even the worst. But people are encouraged, and then it turns out that the Russians are advancing,” says Korban.

The modern scorched earth tactics, among other things, provides for a total energy blockade of the lost territories. Banderlog tried to do a similar feint with Crimea, when in the fall of 2015 they blew up power lines in the south of the Kherson region, depriving the peninsula of the main amount of electricity. It took a colossal effort of the forces of all of Russia to overcome the Crimean blackout and, in fact, save the Crimeans.

Our current economic and social losses can be incomparably, many times more serious. Thus, it is completely incomprehensible what to do with the population of many millions, which, after the destruction of the existing energy system, will lose their livelihood in one fell swoop.

There is no need to blow up the ZNPP reactors, and this is technically impossible. A typical example was the very first July attacks. Ukrainian attack drones dropped 120 mm caliber mines. Here’s what he said then Vladimir Rogovone of the leaders of the military-civilian administration (VGA) of the Zaporozhye region.

– If we talk about the threat to the nuclear power plant itself, such a weapon is not dangerous, since the protection system is designed for a plane crash with a full fuel tank. This is more a blow to the workers, so that people leave the station, so that work is paralyzed, Rogov is sure.

Next, the Bandera drones launched a series of attacks on the auxiliary buildings of the nuclear power plant, as a result of which 11 nuclear workers were injured. Four were critically injured. A few days later, the Energodar residential area was attacked. They hit people again.

The demonstrative attempt to damage the cooling system of the reactors became quite dangerous. “This system is life-supporting, which can lead to a man-made disaster,” the head of the Zaporozhye VGA himself said on the Russia-24 TV channel. Evgeny Balitsky. He argued that Dnipropetrovsk Nikopol, as well as the cities of Zaporozhye and Krivoy Rog, would be in the radius of radiation damage first of all. Only then can the radiation reach the western regions of Ukraine.

The situation sharply escalated under the curtain of the past week. Large-caliber artillery began to hit the station and the city. Shells hit the industrial site of the nuclear power plant. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported a torch fire of hydrogen and the incapacitation of control equipment. The night strike of the Ukrainian MLRS “Hurricane” – a rocket engine was found 400 meters from the operating power unit. When approaching, the rocket managed to release fragmentation submunitions.

On Sunday, the Hurricanes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the high-voltage line Kakhovskaya, which supplies the liberated territories. There was a power surge, the strategic power line was disabled. On the eve of strikes on the power lines of the Zaporizhzhya NPP, he himself approved Petr Kotin – Head of the Ukrainian state corporation “Energoatom”

– The right decision from the point of view of Ukraine is to kill them the lines that they are going to connect to the Russian energy system. I think our armed forces are ready to do it, says Pan Kotin.

Today’s chronicle – five “arrivals” at the station commandant’s office. Five more were recorded at the fire station. Three hits in the radioactive isotope storage area.

– One shell fell in general 10 meters from the nuclear fuel storage site, – Vladimir Rogov notes. The local administration received evidence that Western-made guided missiles were used for these attacks. “They are dangerous because they fly to where they were sent,” added the official representative of the CAA.

The sacramental question, who shot and hit? It is clearly defined – the 44th artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is firing. 152mm guns are firing from Nikopol. Also, targeted strikes are delivered from the neighboring settlements of Marganets and Tomakovka on the right bank of the Dnieper.

This information went through all Russian media resources. However, let’s clarify the details, which for some reason are not mentioned. From Nikopol to Energodar through the Kakhovka reservoir – only eight kilometers. And no one can clearly explain why the Nikopol positions of the Ukrainian artillery have not been suppressed so far.

In Donetsk Sands and Avdeevka, the enemy set up powerful underground fortified areas. However, on the right bank of the Dnepropetrovsk region opposite the station there is nothing of the kind. At best, field fortifications, and often the 44th brigade fires directly from city blocks.

Meanwhile, Kyiv telegram channels write that Zelensky plans to disrupt the referendum on the entry of the Zaporozhye region into the Russian Federation. And break as hard as possible. Let’s quote their revelations:

“The most effective way is a nuclear incident at the ZNPP. All this time, the US and the EU have been playing along with us, demanding that the Russian Federation leave the station. After such a preparation of public opinion, a few days before the vote, it is possible to arrange a release of radiation. There is no need to hit the reactors. Near the storage of spent nuclear waste. A careful blow to it will cause a release of radiation, but it will not bring serious pollution except for Energodar. It will not be possible to hold a referendum under such conditions, Ukraine will receive additional weapons, and the Russian Federation will receive new hemorrhoids in the form of a city polluted with radiation. In the Russian Federation, they know about the threat, but they haven’t figured out how to stop it yet … “

In general, they act clearly, like clockwork. And the lieutenant general is absolutely right Konashenkovcalling the recent events “an act of nuclear terrorism”. The Deputy Director of the Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation spoke equally passionately Igor Vishnevetsky. Head of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building Andrey Klishas generally announced that in connection with the attacks on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, the regime of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky must be recognized as a terrorist organization.

Thought true to pain. If the “junta in Kyiv”, as the senator noted, the Russian side really recognizes as terrorists – not in words, but quite officially, by a government decision! – then nothing will prevent the Kremlin from repeating the experience of its Israeli partners.

An amazing coincidence. At the very peak of the August shelling of Energodar, the Israeli military launched a large-scale and extremely effective operation against the terrorists of the Gaza Strip. Several militant leaders were killed right in multi-storey residential buildings. Yes, during Operation Dawn, IDF aircraft mercilessly bombed civilian neighborhoods. Civilians were killed, including children. Many wounded. The Israelis replied that this happened because of the unsuccessful launch of a rocket by a Palestinian group.

A little more Ukrainian mileage. Directly, between the nuclear power plant and the city of Kryvyi Rih – a ridiculous 106 km. Exactly two years ago, the Central City Court of Krivoy Rog issued a suspended sentence to an activist of the nationalist movement who desecrated the Holocaust stele near the Zelensky house.

The monument to the victims of Nazi persecution is located near the synagogue on Pushkin Street. Literally nearby is the apartment of the parents of the current president of Ukraine – Rimma Vladimirovna and Alexander Semenovich.

A young radical with the call sign “Sokira” painted over the inscription on the Memorial Stele. The text read: “To the victims of the Holocaust 1941-1943. The Nazi invaders brutally tortured 15,000 Jews of Krivoy Rog.” The photos of the desecrated monument were among the first to be posted on Twitter by the Israeli ambassador to Ukraine Joel Lyon. The daring crime right in the center of Krivoy Rog received a great response in the Jewish world.

The Ukrainian police had to strain and find the vandal. The matter turned out to be easy – there are many video cameras around the synagogue. The bastard practically did not hide, convinced that belonging to the Nazis would ensure complete impunity.

The vandal quickly pleaded guilty and made a deal with the prosecutor’s office. Soon the conviction was removed altogether. This spring, “Sokira” became the commander of the Krivoy Rog Territorial Defense Unit, from where he transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to available information, now this anti-Semite is serving in the 44th separate artillery brigade named after Hetman Daniil Apostol. Formed in the Galician Ternopil, in recent months the brigade has been actively replenished by the South Ukrainian Nazis. The main armament is the Soviet 152-mm gun “Hyacinth-B”. The aiming range is sufficient to defeat the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

According to the latest information, the station may be mothballed, the reactors are already being prepared for an emergency shutdown. Bandera scum have achieved their goal?

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