Sep 14, 2020
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It became known that Mikhail Efremov, who is in jail-5, can order a Peking duck and Tiramisu cake for lunch

07:20, 09/14/2020

The cost of gastronomic delights is almost 2 times higher than in urban catering establishments.

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On September 8, Mikhail Efremov, who committed a fatal accident on June 8 in the center of Moscow, was sentenced. The 56-year-old honored artist was sentenced to 8 years in prison in a general regime colony. Now the actor is in jail-5 "Vodnik". According to experts, the theater and film star will have to spend about a month there until the verdict takes effect. Such time limits are associated with the consideration of the appeal filed by its representatives. It is known that this person is not Elman Pashayev, whose work ended, according to the lawyer himself, after the sentencing.

Immediately after Mikhail Olegovich was taken into custody, the head of the legal center Pavel Pyatnitsky said that Efremov was not in any danger in prison, and the conditions in the pre-trial detention center where he is now are better than in many other places. In addition, Pyatnitsky said that if the actor's relatives send a request, then you can ask the Federal Penitentiary Service for Moscow to leave the star prisoner in the economic support unit. “That is, he does not need to go somewhere to the colony, he can stay in the pre-trial detention center to work. In addition, Efremov has the same right as a first-time convict, ”the expert said.

Mikhail Efremov in front of the Presnensky court building

It is known that the conditions of Mikhail Olegovich's detention in SIZO-5 are indeed not the worst for a prisoner. So, the cell has access to hot and cold water supply, you can take a shower. To maintain physical fitness, visits to the gym are envisaged, however, so far Efremov has not taken advantage of the offer, but he has already performed in front of employees and "colleagues", having read the play "Par", written for him by Ivan Okhlobystin.

A few hours ago, information appeared that a number of paid services are provided on the website of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the isolation ward where Efremov is located. So, for example, Mikhail Olegovich can order himself a Peking duck or a Tiramisu cake. The artist can diversify prison food with pasta with mozzarella and tomatoes and Kiev cutlets. The cost of meals is twice as high as in regular catering. For prisoners in SIZO-5, a vegetarian menu is provided, which includes Tuscan bean soup or other legume dishes, as well as vegetable salads. There is no alcohol on the menu, and the price of instant coffee is more than a thousand rubles per package of 450 grams. Additionally, you can order thermal underwear, backgammon and tobacco products, prefers

We add that after receiving the term, friends and colleagues of Mikhail Efremov do not stop commenting on the trial and the fate of the artist. So, one of the last to speak was Chulpan Khamatova. The 44-year-old star of the TV series Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes and the biographical drama Dr. Lisa said that our society lacks empathy. “This is a huge grief: two people died, this is so. All this happened in such a bitterness of society, the loss of any human qualities. There was no mercy in this, no complicity, no sympathy - it was monstrous. I think this is a dangerous indicator, a dangerous line through which our, Russian, society has crossed. When they beat a lying person with such fury, finish him off with stones, it seems to me that these people have some kind of mental problem. And this is a reason for everyone to think about it, ”said the actress.

Chulpan Khamatova called on the public to stop the persecution of convicted Mikhail Efremov

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