Dec 28, 2020
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It became known that Anastasia Ivleeva blocked Olga Buzova in all social networks

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The host of “House-2” commented on her relationship with a colleague.

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Talk about a conflict between Olga Buzova and Anastasia Ivleeva began to gain momentum in the spring of this year. During a fierce self-isolation regime in April, the hosts squabbled on social media. The conflict was initiated by the star of the Eagle and Tails show. Nastya parodied Olga’s photo session in a bathtub filled with instant noodles. It is noteworthy that earlier, during the interview, Ivleeva also allowed herself rude jokes in the direction of the host of “House-2”. In addition, Nastya stated that she could not stand it when she was compared to Buzova.

Interestingly, despite the long-standing enmity, Anastasia Ivleeva recently spoke of Buzova quite positively on her Telegram channel. The star called her colleague a unique and funny woman, and also said that Olga cheers her up. However, Nastya, contrary to her words, blocked Buzova on social networks. The host of “House-2” herself told about this in one of her interviews. According to Olga, during the quarantine, she tried to go to Ivleeva’s Instagram page, but could not do this due to limited access to Nastya’s account. And yet he does not hold a grudge against his colleague Buzov. Olga even said a few warm words to her rival.

It became known that Anastasia Ivleeva blocked Olga Buzova in all social networks

“I want Nastya to continue smiling, because laughter prolongs life, and perhaps smiles, humor will kill absolutely all the negativity that is in each of us,” Buzova turned to Ivleeva during the show PEOPLETALK TV… Olga also added that not only does she not take offense at Anastasia, but, moreover, she is sure that her colleague is a fan of her work. “She just hasn’t admitted it yet,” said the host. According to Buzova, fans from time to time show her videos in which Ivleeva dances to Olga’s musical compositions. The singer noted that she was very pleased with this fact, and asked Nastya to continue in the same spirit.

By the way, the conflict with Ivleeva is not the only skirmish that Buzova entered into this year. In early December, Olga had a quarrel with the star of the series “Univer. New hostel “Nastasya Samburskaya. Again, the initiator was not the host herself, but her opponent. The actress spoke sharply about the reality show “Dom-2”, calling the presenters and viewers of the TV show “the bottom”. Buzova did not fail to respond to the offender and said that she would not be offended by the project, which in 17 years had become her second home. According to the reality star, she would not even pay attention to insults in her direction, but Samburskaya touched the audience, to which Olga is very attached.

The host of “House-2” commented on her relationship with a colleague

Recall that December 18 it became known about the termination of airing “House-2”. The project appeared on TV viewers across the country at 23:00 on TNT for 16 years, but from the new year the show will stop in the same format. On the 30th of this month, fans will be able to enjoy their favorite program for the last time. The presenters and creators of the project deny that Dom-2 will disappear forever, but it is not known for certain what the future holds for reality.

The Island of Love, a side project from Dom-2, was closed back in the fall, but a couple of days ago it turned out that the Borodin vs. Buzova show would not cease to exist even after the release of the main program was stopped. According to Ksenia, the program will change a lot, but it will remain on the TNT broadcast network. Instead of discussing conflicts between the participants of “House-2”, the program will concentrate on the social problems of ordinary people.

Olga Buzova

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