Dec 27, 2020
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It became known that 38-year-old Tatiana Arntgolts is expecting a baby

07:03, 27.12.

Earlier it was reported that the actress married her lover Mark Bogatyrev.

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Tatyana Arntgolts, who is known from the series “Simple Truths”, “Marriage by Testament”, “Provocateur”, as well as the host of the “Wait for Me” program, is preparing to become a mother for the second time. The news about the imminent replenishment in the family of the 38-year-old actress and her 36-year-old chosen one Mark Bogatyrev was reported by Tatiana’s colleague on the TV show Alexander Lazarev. At the beginning of the next episode of the program, the actor appeared in front of the cameras alone, explaining the absence of a partner by the fact that she took maternity leave, and he is still working without her.

No comments have been received from Arntgolts or her husband yet. It is worth noting that the spouses do not like to talk about their personal lives, rarely posting joint pictures in their microblogs on Instagram. Even the wedding celebration did not become known immediately, but after a while. True, the fact itself was confirmed by Mark personally in an interview with one of the glossy publications. It was clarified that the actors got married in the presence of a small number of their closest friends and relatives. It is noteworthy that Bogatyrev spoke about the wedding with his chosen one in August 2020. The star of the TV series “Roots”, “Kitchen” and “Serebryany Bor” stated that he was confident in his chosen one and was ready to marry her. At the same time, the artist once again clarified that it is not a supporter to bring out the personal to the public, but he is good with Tatiana, since the companion is also not vain, like him.

Mark Bogatyrev

We add that Arntgolts provoked rumors about changes in her personal life last summer. In one of the photos published on social networks, fans noticed a ring on the actress’s hand, very similar to an engagement ring. However, Tatyana herself later denied the guesses of Internet users, saying that it was too early to talk about a wedding with Bogatyrev, in a relationship with whom the artist had already been for more than two years.

For the first time, Tatyana Arntgolts and Mark Bogatyrev came out together in December 2018. Then the actress supported her colleague at the premiere of the New Year’s film “Last Trees”, in which Mark played one of the key roles. A few more days later, there was no doubt that the stars had an affair. On his birthday, Bogatyrev dedicated a touching publication to Tatyana in his microblog on Instagram, thanking the higher powers for the fact that Arntgolts appeared in his life. Note that Tatiana had already had family life before meeting Mark. Arntgolts was the wife of actor Ivan Zhidkov, from whom she gave birth to a daughter in 2013 Mary… The couple lived together for six years, but broke up. As for Bogatyrev, he met with a colleague in “Kitchen” Elena Podkaminskaya. Parting with the actress was not easy – against the background of fatigue from work, Mark even had suicidal thoughts. Later, the actor said that he had a feeling that he had fallen into slavery.

Mark Bogatyrev and Tatiana Arntgolts

We add that in an exclusive interview with “Around TV” Mark Bogatyrev emphasized that there is a close circle of relatives for him, which gives him energy and support. Mark tries not to allow outsiders who can act destructively on him or have some benefit from communicating with the actor. “I think you need to have the courage to be with whoever you want and not be with someone you don’t like,” concluded the star of the series.

Mark Bogatyrev in an exclusive video interview “Around TV”

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