Jan 7, 2021
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It became known how the second season of the series “An Ordinary Woman” ended

19:03, 01/07/2021

The final episode of the TV drama serial was released today.

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On December 17, the Premier service released the sequel to the series “An Ordinary Woman”, which began filming at the end of October 2019. The first part was directed by Boris Khlebnikov, the second season is directed by Natalia Meshchaninova, and Khlebnikov acts as a producer. The main roles in it were played by Anna Mikhalkova, Evgeny Grishkovets, Tatiana Dogileva, Maria Andreeva and other actors already familiar to the audience.

The plot of the series tells about the life of the owner of a flower shop Marina, who is actually a pimp. The second season of the TV drama “An Ordinary Woman” continues the story of a seemingly successful 40-year-old woman who owns a flower shop. In her personal life, everything also seems to be in perfect order: a seemingly normal family – her husband is a surgeon, two pretty daughters. However, this picture is ideal only until it becomes known not only about the problems within this seemingly ordinary family, but also about the second life of this ordinary woman. Indeed, in reality, her husband has a mistress, one daughter is involved in the distribution of drugs, and the second is a real sociopath.

Evgenia Kalinets and Yulia Melnikova on the set of the 2nd season of the series “An Ordinary Woman”

In the second season, Marina’s life can hardly be called ideal. Her family, including her mother-in-law, learned about her illegal business. By the way, his main character is not going to quit. Marina’s husband refuses to accept the fact that all this time his wife secretly worked as a pimp. In addition, investigator Vera, who is well aware of her illegal source of income, is following the trail of Mikhalkova’s character. Everything is complicated by the fact that Marina herself gave birth to another child, becoming a mother of many children. In addition, the boy is born prematurely, so he is connected to a life support apparatus. While the maternity hospital doctors are engaged in his health, Marina is forced to solve her own problems.

In the final episode, Marina finds herself between two criminal gangs, whose leaders she crossed the road. Each group prepares compromising evidence against each other. However, Marina hopes to remain in the police at a critical moment, because if she is free, she will be killed. Nevertheless, the police officer Vera lets her go, and Marina, in turn, arranges with Gulya to meet with bandits who transport drugs from Uzbekistan and sell them directly in bouquets of flowers.

Shot from the series “An Ordinary Woman”

In return for the gun and bullets, Marina rewrites her business on them. She comes to Lopatin’s people and talks about her incriminating evidence against Permyakov. In turn, she tells him about the evidence against a competitor. At this moment, Lopatin’s people are in Nika’s apartment, where Marina’s family is hiding. An unexpected incident occurs, as a result of which Katya’s boyfriend gets a gunshot wound. In the evening, a “arrow” organized by Marina takes place at Lavrova’s flower shop. During the negotiations, a shootout ensues, Lopatin, Permyakov and their people die. Police officer Vera comes here with her partner. Marina and her husband decide to leave, as she believes that the doctor should stay with Nika, who is expecting a child from him.

In the final scene, Marina picks up the baby from the Filatov hospital, where he was transported for security purposes, when there was a bandit showdown. Together with the baby and daughters, they get into the car, and the ex-husband has to take a taxi. As a result, Marina feels happy, because the worst problems are behind her. In addition, Galya returned her money, with which she could buy a new apartment. The youngest daughter of the main character, Tanya, is listening to a song in the car dedicated to a difficult female life, and Marina and Katya sing along.

Shot from the series “An Ordinary Woman”

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