Aug 16, 2022
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It became known how many Shahed UAVs Iran will supply to Russia

In the photo: Iranian drone Shahed-129

Pictured: Iranian Shahed-129 drone (Photo: AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi/TASS)

Middle East Analyst Elijah MagnierReferring to his sources in Tehran, he said that Russia allegedly ordered about 1,000 strike and reconnaissance drones from Iran. We are talking about “Shahed-129”, which are able to stay in the air for more than a day and act both as strike platforms and as spotters for artillery and missile systems.

Taking into account the fact that the sky above the “nenkoy” is controlled by the Russian Aerospace Forces, Shahed-129, loitering at an altitude of up to 7 km, can not be afraid of independent Stingers and at the same time control an area within a radius of up to 500 km. And its Sadid-345 video-guided munition weighs 34 kg – just the thing for destroying enemy manpower and lightly armored vehicles.

According to Magnier, Tehran has already delivered several UAVs and a simulator on which Russian officers train. Moreover, it is very likely that strike drones have already been used in the conflict in Ukraine and have proven their effectiveness.

“The move is considered unprecedented for a superpower buying its drones from Iran. Tehran regards the contract as recognition of its advanced and efficient military industry, despite 43 years of US sanctions against the Islamic Republic, ”Magnier emphasizes.

Yes, the Russians are lagging behind in the development of military drones, but there is an explanation for this, the expert concludes. Over the past decade, Moscow has focused on the development of hypersonic missiles and has reached the operational level of this technology, well ahead of the United States. In general, Russia’s interest in military developments is concentrated on strategic missiles with nuclear warheads and fighter aircraft. But the drone developers were poor relatives.

The fact is that Moscow considered Washington as a potential adversary, but not Kyiv. In principle, the priorities of the Russian Defense Ministry turned out to be correct: the Yankees did not dare to directly get involved in the conflict. And this is not what money can buy.

Almost simultaneously with the publication of Magnier, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Manturov In an interview with Interfax, he said: “Military-technical cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran is now developing, interaction with Tehran in this area is carried out without any restrictions. At the same time, the Russian side is ready to discuss and sign agreements on topics of mutual interest.”

Earlier, according to the head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Russia ShugaevaIran showed interest in acquiring combat aircraft and helicopters, tanks, ships, coastal missile systems, aircraft engines, as well as spare parts for the repair of aircraft and armored vehicles, submarines from our country.

All this, of course, is expensive, so the figure of one thousand UAVs no longer seems fantastic. But quite recently, the Yankees, citing the Ukrainian side, reported that the Russian Armed Forces had already received 46 advanced Iranian drones, and the Britons, relying on their intelligence data, assumed that Tehran would send up to 300 powerful UAVs to Moscow as soon as Russian military specialists were trained .

If Elijah Magnier’s insider is true, the West, even in the most nightmarish (for the Armed Forces of Ukraine) scenarios, could not imagine that Russia would acquire an armada of shock drones in a short time. “Sit down in a chair before you read about this,” star-striped experts write with horror to their yellow-Blakyth allies. In addition, the very appearance of “Shaheds” in the RF Armed Forces will give impetus to the development of Russian engineering and military schools for unmanned aircraft.

This news seriously scared the independent blogging community. Ukrainian telegram channels write: “Their artillery is hitting our front end, but it largely consists of theo-defense, and we can replenish it for a very long time. The purpose of buying drones is to start strikes in depth, along the second and third lines, against regular military and the most trained units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but at the same time save expensive cruise missiles.”

It seems that the Yankees pushed Moscow to the contract with Tehran, who supplied the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Haymarsy missile systems, for the destruction of which attack drones loitering in 24/7 mode are critically needed. Apparently, already in the beginning of autumn, the “Shaheds” will appear at the front and begin hunting for the star-striped “wunderwaffe”.

“Believe me, they will not go unnoticed on the battlefield,” notes a well-known Ukrainian blogger. Meanwhile, the Russian experience of fighting the Turkish Bayraktars shows that in order to counter attack drones, layered air defense with experienced crews is needed. And in fact, for a couple of months now, the “independence defenders” cannot boast of “beautiful videos” about Turkish birds.

The problem, however, is that the Yankees would be happy to supply an air defense system, the same Patriot, but in addition to hardware, they also need brains, moreover, integrated into the network. The training of anti-aircraft gunners, of course, requires significantly more time than the training of drone operators. Western analysts believe that 40 days will be enough for the Russians to make an effective “pilot” of unmanned aircraft from a “fresh” one.

In particular, British intelligence MI6 has already notified the office of the President [Украины] and the independent General Staff, that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is already training entire units to the fullest, including for attacks in swarms or in conjunction with fighters. Perhaps, at the first stage, our operators will hunt down the Hymars in free hunting, but after the green light comes off, very difficult times will begin for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to analysts of the independent General Staff, the Russians, with the help of the Shaheeds, will track down all HIMARS within a month, after which the Yankees will stop supplying them to minimize reputational damage.

For the Americans, as they say, it will not rust. You don’t have to go far for an example. Just look at the statistics for three products. Ukrainian columnist Datsenko reported that the Pentagon sent 90 M777 howitzers in April, 18 each in May and June, and sent nothing at all in July-August. And why, if they are destroyed anyway.

Meanwhile, as the Internet resource WarGonzo notes, “the drone turns a cannon into a sniper rifle” and changes the rules of the game. If earlier artillery covered entire areas, now the UAV operator is able to adjust the fire in such a way that the shells will hit, as they say, in the bullseye. Given that counter-battery combat leaves its mark, accurate shooting will drastically reduce losses in artillery duels.

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