Sep 23, 2022
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It became known how many doctors, paramedics, what specialties are subject to conscription

It became known how many doctors, paramedics, what specialties are subject to conscription

Photo: Kirill Kukhmar/TASS

Partial mobilization, announced on September 21 in Russia, will also affect medical workers. In the face of an increase in the number of participants in a special military operation, they cannot be dispensed with.

The priority for mobilization will be medical workers and doctors with experience in participating in hostilities and providing emergency medical care, the head of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection said during a press conference. Dmitry Khubezov. According to him, about 3,000 doctors and medical workers will be mobilized.

“First of all, if we are not talking about doctors, but about the middle medical staff, then these are, of course, male paramedics who can pull a person out of the battlefield, that is, they are strong enough. The most important thing that everyone should understand is that the unconditional priority is those who already have experience in military operations, who have already participated in hostilities, ”he said.

These are, as a rule, graduates of the Military Medical Academy who have already visited hot spots, the doctor explained.

“If we are talking about doctors, then these are first of all resuscitators, anesthesiologists, trauma surgeons. The higher the qualification of the doctor who is called, the further he will be from the front line, that is, he will work in larger hospitals and provide more qualified assistance, ”the head of the committee emphasized.

Only those who have “experience in military field medicine and disaster medicine” will be recruited, he noted.

“If a person works in a private clinic, has no idea at all how to properly bandage a wound, how to properly stop bleeding, they will not be called up, therefore, without a doubt, priority will be given to public clinics, where there is more experience in urgent surgery, where there are more emergency cases. “, – said Dmitry Khubezov.

He also added that only a few private clinics operate in the country for emergency surgery. In his opinion, it makes no sense to call on those who do not have a certain experience, because “it will not save life, and it will worry itself.”

The parliamentarian is convinced that all the military should receive the most qualified medical care, “including on the battlefield.”

The head of the committee also promised that “no one will pull the last doctor out of a remote area, leaving the population without medical care.”

Dmitry Khubezov noted that the doctors were among the first volunteers to go to the conflict zone. Now, according to him, about a thousand people have already been there, of which half are volunteers who “took vacations and went there absolutely free of charge.”

As noted on September 21 by the Minister of Defense Sergei Shoiguthanks to the efforts of doctors and nurses working in hospitals, more than 90% of the military personnel returned to duty out of the total number of wounded during the SVO.

“These are the guys who went through our hospitals, medical facilities and returned to duty and continue to serve,” he said.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection Badmy Bashankaevawhich refers, among other things, to the information of the Ministry of Defense, the mobilization itself will take place “calmly, without rush and in an understandable mode.”

“First of all, these are graduates of military medical universities with training in the field of military field medicine, doctors with combat experience. It will also require graduates of civilian medical universities in the specialties of surgery, anesthesiology, traumatology, ”he said in an interview with Medical Newspaper.

According to him, health workers who have large families or are expected to have a child in the family, as well as those who have dependent sick parents, will be exempted from mobilization, he said. In case of problems, he advised to contact him and promised that each case would be considered individually.

“It is necessary to approach the solution of the problem of partial mobilization soundly, without excesses,” the politician emphasized.

As for volunteers, they are still needed to a greater extent for work with the civilian population.

“Moreover, if six months ago surgeons, traumatologists and anesthesiologists were in great demand there, now, as a quiet life is established, therapists and pediatricians are increasingly needed,” said Badma Bashankaev.

He also added that he intends to go to Donetsk in October to help his colleagues.

President of the All-Russian public organization “League of Patient Defenders” Alexander Saversky recalled that in Russia, military doctors are trained at the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg.

“They know how to work in the field. This specialty is a military medic. Paramedics, paramedics, nurses are right there.

“SP”: – Civilian doctors, in your opinion, will be involved?

“I can’t guess, given the number of calls that are being announced, we can’t expect any mass mobilization of doctors, there should be enough military doctors, but I don’t know if this is so.

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