Feb 15, 2021
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It became famous that they named the great-granddaughter of Edita Piekha

Edita Piekha’s great-granddaughter was named with a liquid Greek name.

It became famous as if they named the great-granddaughter of Edita Piekha

In early February, a great-granddaughter was born to the 83-year-old national artist of the USSR. The baby was born to the granddaughter of Edita Pieha – Erica Bystrova.

The girl’s name was kept secret until the final. The other day, Edita Piekha herself posted an archive photo with Erica on social networks and wrote a congratulatory speech, in which she published the liquid name of her great-granddaughter.

“February 7th. Happy birthday, Ida! Good health to you and mom Erica! Be happy! “, – wrote the legendary singer.

Sighs hurried to congratulate the artist, wishing the most important total for the newborn girl.

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