Oct 16, 2021
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It became clear who had smashed the front end of the Connecticut submarine. They are not Chinese

Photo: Seawolf-class fast submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22)

Photo: Seawolf-class fast submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) (Photo: ZumaTASS)

To begin with, it is unlikely that the honest results of the investigation of a dangerous incident with one of the most valuable atomic high-speed attack submarines of the US Navy of the Sea Wolf class (only three of them were built) will hardly be fully published. Rather, the local authorities will find, as usual in such cases, the switchman or blamed for force majeure.

At the same time, some interesting details and “non-coincidental coincidences” have already appeared, which shed a murky light on what happened on October 2 near the Chinese naval base of Yulin, which is located on the island of Hainan.

We will remind, on October 7, the press service of the US Pacific Fleet published an official press release about the incident, according to which the “Sea Wolf”, while diving in the international waters of the Indo-Pacific region, flew into an unidentified object, as a result of which 11 submariners were injured, and the submarine will have a long and expensive repair. The news immediately went mainstream and became the subject of widespread discussion.

After the first hasty conclusions were made: they say, the Chinese are to blame, the experts drew attention to the fact that a dangerous incident occurred literally 2 weeks after the Yankees threw the French for $ 66 billion, intercepting an almost finished supply deal from their allies Australia’s nuclear submarines instead of diesel, which was supposed to be sold to Sydney Paris.

So: the Yankees, as the main argument in their favor, promoted the thesis not so much about a nuclear installation as about the unsurpassed awareness of the underwater situation that the Australians would receive with US submarines. Actually, due to the constant tightening of requirements on the part of Sydney specifically in this matter, the cost of the deal thwarted by the Americans has increased many times over.

It may be just a coincidence, but according to Highly Likely, it doesn’t work that way. That is why in the assessments of the incident one can find such seemingly delusional conclusions: “Damn it, these are the French!” Like, look for someone who benefits from it.

However, the Yankees finally confused all experts and politicians when they said that the Sea Wolf hit an “unidentified object”, which, firstly, was not another submarine, and, secondly, “the topography of the area did not indicate that before Connecticut was a land area. ” Then what was the most dangerous damage to the powerful nuclear submarine? Wonder Yudo whale fish?

There are already suggestions that the damage that the Sea Wolf received is similar to that of the Los Angeles-class submarine San Francisco, which hit a rock in January 2005, 500 km southeast of Guam. Then, by the way, the bow ballast tanks were destroyed, or to put it simply, the entire front end was demolished.

Now, in the light of the US-Australian military contract, many analysts, expressing extreme bewilderment, are wondering how the multi-billion dollar Connecticut nuclear submarine, which seems to be saturated with the world’s best sonars, ran into something under water and did not even understand. what exactly.

The first thing that comes to mind to the local submariner experts is the human factor, more precisely, the mistake of the onboard sonar operator or the stupid command of the commander. As a rule, safe navigation of submarines is carried out either according to proven maps, that is, in fact, blindly, or through the active use of high-frequency hydroacoustic signals.

The first method is used when it is impossible to find oneself, for example, near the Yulin base. The fact is that the standard American high-frequency sonar gives an excellent picture at a distance of up to 4.5 km. The problem, however, is that the enemy, be it a submarine or an anti-submarine ship, will “see” the US nuclear submarine at a distance of at least 10 km, and even further in good conditions. In particular, this was said by a widely quoted American veteran submariner. Aaron Amick

This means that the Yankees have submarines with the same underwater awareness as the submarines of other countries – Russia, China and the same France, which the United States “threw over the left thigh.” That is, in the depths of the sea, the Americans are not special, but the most ordinary. And all the Stars and Stripes PR is aimed at fooling their own taxpayers, who are sure that they are spending money on the world’s most powerful army and navy. Yes, and our homegrown Americanophiles, foaming at the mouth, proving the superiority of American submarines, are also in captivity of US propaganda.

According to publications from military publications, including the United States Naval Institute (USNI), American submariners are provided with the most accurate digital maps, thereby creating a greenhouse environment for missions. Meanwhile, bulk carriers sailing in the South China Sea regularly lose containers. For example, in May 2020, a Singapore cargo ship lost 40 containers. According to the World Shipping Council, an average of 1,382 containers fall to the seabed annually, in some cases creating man-made rocks.

On the other hand, it is unlikely that the dropped containers could inflict such severe damage on the “Sea Wolf”. If the damage to Connecticut and San Francisco is identical, then there must be similar incident conditions. Theoretically, the Yankees could hit an unknown submarine, but this is hardly real. Another submarine would also receive severe damage, which would also become known to the public.

This means that positioning errors could have occurred, since the “silence” mode means one thing: the submarine operators rely on the accelerometer data. It is believed that this type of navigation has very small errors, which nevertheless increase over time. On the forums of American submariners, it is said that the location error can reach 100 meters or more, which also does not honor the equipment of US submarines.

It is clear that this hurts the image of America, so the local press, with reference to “anonymous” sources, is increasingly writing about some Chinese underwater drones that hunt Stars and Stripes nuclear submarines in the immediate vicinity of China.

Thus, in the United States, they are now racking their brains over how to minimize reputational damage. It is impossible to blame on technical issues, in the world they will trumpet with great pleasure that the Yankees have forgotten how to make good submarines. It is also undesirable to blame the Chinese, and even more so the French, for political reasons.

It seems that the version with the error of the crew of the “Sea Wolf” is becoming the highest priority, while the publicized submarines of the United States are not much different from the submarines of other countries. True, not everything is going smoothly here either: like, the Yankees almost drowned their submarine, because “the commander is a fool” and “the sonar operator is ignorant.”

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