Aug 13, 2022
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It became clear which of the Russians, how and where the dollars will be taken away

It became clear which of the Russians, how and where the dollars will be taken away

Photo: Egor Aleev / TASS

The ruble has fallen in price against the US dollar by almost 20% compared to the peak values ​​of mid-July, moreover, a new trend is noticeable. The American currency suddenly became in demand again, both citizens and legal entities began to buy it en masse.

The July “Review of Financial Market Risks” from the Bank of Russia turned out to be very interesting and unexpected. And disturbing. Judging by the situation on the foreign exchange market, something very bad is going on in the Russian Federation, foreshadowing, if not a “liberal” coup d’etat, then something like that. Since the second half of July, the dollar has sharply popped up, although there are no objective prerequisites for this.

Everyone noticed that individuals increased their net purchases of foreign currency from 176.1 billion rubles in June to 237.1 billion rubles (about $4 billion) in July. They buy mainly in order to bring them abroad. Plus, $3 billion flowed from the accounts of citizens to the same place. That is, in just a month, and only individuals, withdrew from the Russian Federation about a dozen billion “green”, including previously purchased dollars and euros.

But that’s okay. Another figure is much more interesting – in the second quarter of 2022, exporting companies on average sold only 59% of foreign exchange earnings, while in the first quarter – 78%. What is it for?

Or like this.

“In July, retail investors were the main sellers of shares, total sales amounted to 15.6 billion rubles,” the study says.

In other words, someone began to actively “merge”, apparently, there is an insider.

“The collapse of the dollar is virtually inevitable simply by virtue of the fact that the amount of money printed and the amount of computer assets created in the dollar is many times greater than all goods and services produced in the United States. Russians who are going to form their personal savings in this currency should think hard. The position of the dollar will certainly continue to deteriorate in the very near future. The currency may even collapse in the coming years, and all the savings of the people who made them in this monetary unit will simply burn out, ”explains the doctor of economic sciences Valentin Katasonov.

Yes, the economist is right here, and the ever-growing US national debt, which has exceeded the astronomical amount of $30 trillion, is a clear confirmation of this. That’s more than the cost of all of America, with all its giblets. Therefore, without options, the Yankees will simply “throw” everyone. The only question is timing.

But is it really only this professor who understands that he is the only reasonable person in Russia? No, not the only one. And all kinds of oligarchs and other rich people are also far from fools. By no means idiots. Rather, on the contrary – very cunning, “thoughtful” personalities. What happens then?

US dollars are not necessarily considered only as a means of payment; in the current political environment, the purchase of American currency and its withdrawal from Russia can be considered, among other things, as a kind of sign. If you want, like buying an indulgence – like, we are so good, we believe in the USA, but we don’t believe in the Russian Federation and the ruble. That is, we are our own, pro-American. We spoil Russia and, by doing so, we help you.

If you look at the chart of the ruble / dollar exchange rate, it is noticeable that Wednesday, July 20, 2022, was a turning point. What happened that day or the day before?

But nothing special happened, in any case, what would have got into the media. However, the exchange rate of the US dollar against the ruble, which had previously shown negative dynamics, suddenly changed sign and began to grow rapidly.

Unfortunately, the Central Bank and the Moscow Exchange do not publish detailed reports on foreign exchange trading, and it is not possible to see when all purchases were made. But it is more likely that active purchases began after July 20. By the way, legal entities, according to the Central Bank, purchased about $5 billion (for a total of 319.6 billion rubles). And yes, in the second half of the month there were several times more purchases than in the first half, there is such a breakdown in the statistics of the Bank of Russia. Which indirectly confirms the version about some event in the second half of July 2022.

Another interesting question is what kind of individuals bought $4 billion on the currency exchange. And who had another $3 billion lying around in their accounts, and, apparently, not the last. Obviously not ordinary workers who are now barely making ends meet.

Moreover, for a simple honest Russian, even if he has suddenly earned a million dollars by some miracle, there is no reason to transfer him abroad. Firstly, it is tritely dangerous – “common people” can take money away.

“In the current geopolitical situation, the Bank of Russia recommends taking into account the risks of delays in transfers and storage of foreign currency on the accounts of organizations from“ unfriendly ”countries,” the Central Bank warns. Correct warning.

Secondly, the risks of the US currency have already been discussed more than once, so it makes sense to immediately transfer the “green” into tangible assets. In land, means of production, or at least in gold.

From July 1 this year, you can transfer up to $1 million to foreign accounts within a calendar month. They transferred about ten thousand times more. In principle, it seems to be true that several tens of thousands of people control the whole of Russia. And they suddenly became very active.

And how much money did the exporting companies leave in the West? There are no figures, both official and estimated. An account for tens of billions of dollars, and for a month, no less. It was they who were “squeezed” – they were not returned to their homeland. Yes, the aforementioned tens of billions of dollars that have left from wealthy citizens is bad. But what the oligarchs take away is much worse.

The authorities are silent, they say, nothing happens. It is curious that various analysts, as well as experts in financial markets, do not comment on what is happening, all experts swallowed their tongues.

“Yes, there are all signs that a certain group of people has some kind of information, insider information. And it is actively bought in foreign currency, bringing it abroad. Russian assets are being sold. For what purpose all this is done is not clear. But nothing good, apparently, can not be expected, ”says a top manager of a capital bank.

Variants of this very “nothing good” are the greatest variety.

The situation is really strange. At the same time, someone knows what will happen next, and is preparing. Buying dollars.

Of course, I would like to believe in the good that the rats learned something, not good for them, and fled from the ship. Along the way, buying currency. For example, about the plans of the authorities to finally restore order in the country. But who will guide him?

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