Nov 24, 2021
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It became clear to the Yankees why the “bad guys” Erdogan, Putin and Xi are building the Istanbul Canal

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS)

“If the 20th century was a history of slow, uneven progress towards the victory of liberal democracy over other ideologies – communism, fascism, violent nationalism, then the 21st century is still a history of the opposite.” This is how the article “Bad Boys Win” in one of the most “American” newspapers The Atlantic begins. On the splash screen for publication there are five “bad guys” walking the red carpet – in the center Putin, on the side of it – Lukashenka and Xi Jinping, around the edges – Erdogan and Maduro

It makes no sense to retell this material, dedicated in the first half of the chatter Svetlana Tikhanovskaya about her “fight” with Lukashenka. Let’s just say that the author Ann Applebaum It is smoothly moving from “democratic” failures in Belarus to other countries, which, according to her, drew conclusions from the “Arab spring” and began to solve their narrow-state tasks, despite the fact that “we are all human and we are all human”. However, for some reason she forgets that it is the “people from the USA” who impose their policies on everyone, again for the sake of enriching themselves.

“We all have in our heads a caricature of what an autocratic state looks like. There is a bad man upstairs. He controls the police. The police threaten people with violence. There are evil collaborators and perhaps some brave dissidents, says Anne Applebaum. – But in the 21st century, this cartoon has little resemblance to reality. Autocracies are now run not by one bad guy, but by complex networks of kleptocratic financial structures, security services (military, police, paramilitary groups, surveillance) and professional propagandists. Corrupt state-controlled companies in one dictatorship do business with corrupt state-controlled companies in another. ”

Having “kicked off” well with the help of Tikhanovskaya Lukashenko, Applebaum pounced on Erdogan (like, also a “bad guy” and a friend of Putin), who got the most “tomatoes” from the author of The Atlantic. What is interesting: this publication “successfully” fit into a wide anti-Turkish PR campaign in the United States.

If you dig deeper, you can easily find the root of all evil in the American way. This is Erdogan’s “construction of the century” – a backup to the Bosphorus called the Istanbul Canal, which, it turns out, is also a big byaka, harmful in all environmental senses, but beneficial to the other two “autocracies” – China and Russia.

The fact is that the mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamoglu at the recent Climate Summit, held in Glasgow, he made a scandalous statement: “The project (of the Istanbul Canal) contradicts 17 UN principles within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.” And this same Imamoglu said: “We expect solidarity with all participants around the world, including financial institutions, on this issue.”

Other Turkish politicians, who are called pro-American in the neighboring country, also spoke out against Erdogan’s “construction of the century”. They have not only become more active inside the country, but are scribbling letters to all the “countries of the free world” demanding that the financing of this project be banned. Say, Russia and China are among the beneficiaries of the Bosphorus backup.

“The Istanbul Canal Project is a strategic project not only for Europe, but also for Eurasian geopolitics,” says the analytical material from Karar, the mouthpiece of Turkish statesmen. – Russia and China are very interested … This project can actually be described as the project of the New Silk Road of China to connect the Caspian Sea with the Black Sea, then with the Mediterranean through the Istanbul Canal. China wants this path to be open and is ready to provide financial support to both the Caspian project (Eurasia) and the Istanbul project. ”

The Turks predict that China and Russia will be able to bring transit through the Istanbul Canal to a level higher than that of the Suez Canal. Taking into account the fact that the global transshipment of goods will rise from the current 25 billion tons to 40 billion tons in 2030, there will be an unprecedented load on the existing routes. Already today there are days when ships stand in line to pass through the Bosphorus for 20 hours …

Recall that the canal, loudly named in the project “Istanbul”, will be built parallel to the Bosphorus, and it will be designed to pass ships and vessels of almost any displacement, including supertankers, giant dry cargo ships and even aircraft carriers. Of particular importance is the Canakkale bridge (over the canal) with a length of 4600 meters. Its height will reach 318 meters, which will ensure the passage of even ocean-going multi-storey cruise ships. And this is enough for, say, the aircraft carrier “Nimitz” to enter the Black Sea.

It is clear that such a gigantic construction will not be carried out in Istanbul and its suburbs of 16 million – the density of residential buildings is too high. The corridor will begin on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, west of the city of Silivri (Turkish Thrace), 70 kilometers from the former capital of Turkey.

At first glance, the pro-American attacks on the Istanbul canal are surprising, to put it mildly. I remember that our experts were convincing in unison that the Bosphorus backup would allow NATO ships to bypass the prohibitions of the Montreux Convention. They say, if not for the restrictions, then the ships of the 6th Fleet of the US Navy in full steam would rush in 2008 to Georgia, and in 2014 – to the Crimea. And who knows how it would have turned out for Russia then?

If this is actually the case, why then Ekrem Imamoglu, a man who is clearly close to Uncle Sam, opposes the “construction of the century.” Moreover, the shouts “Erdogan is ruining nature for the sake of Putin and Xi” began only now, and not three years ago, when the project was announced. The answer may lie in the plane of the fact that the Americans came to the understanding that they would lose a naval battle in the Black Sea. The hypersonic Zircons will simply leave no chance for another scenario.

Meanwhile, the Turks have repeatedly stated that the Istanbul Canal is Erdogan’s strategy of the so-called “Middle Corridor”. The ideal option is a route connecting the Chinese region of Xinjiang with the Turkic countries, first of all, with Azerbaijan and further through Georgia to the Black Sea. But Iran and Armenia do not fit into this beautiful scheme. There remains only a real option, that is, a corridor through Russia with its potential Eurasia channel.

According to available estimates, its construction will require up to $ 18 billion, not so much money to not only dig the canal itself, but also to build three shipping locks on the west side and six on the east.

The length of Eurasia will be from 680 to 850 kilometers, depending on the route, which will reduce the existing waterway from the Caspian to the Azov-Black Sea basin by more than 1000 kilometers (through the Volga-Don canal). The Chinese are really interested in it: the reorientation of goods from the route in the South China Sea will definitely reduce the degree of confrontation with America, depriving the hegemon of the leverage on the Celestial Empire.

The Yankees, of course, are against such an idea of ​​”bad guys”, because in our turbulent times nothing brings countries closer together than common economic interests. It seems that the showdown between Washington and Ankara did not begin because of the S-400 air defense system, bought by Turkey despite the cries of the United States.

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